Party Boy Slowing Down  

rm_pboombatz 33M
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7/21/2006 10:37 pm
Party Boy Slowing Down

I just graduated college, and every time I hang out or see my friends or people i knew, they expect me to be the same party guy i was when i was 18 or 19. For some reason I don't enjoy getting wasted all the time and doing stupid things. People tell me i've changed and that i'm trying change who i am.

i dont know. the more i get older, the more i enjoy companionship of good company and not being "everyone's" friend. Lately i feel as though im alone even among friends and thats a terrible feeling. I was at a party and i was supposed to be designated driver. All my friends got trashed , but decided that because it was one of their cars, that they had the right to order me around. Long story short, i had to drive them around and take their shit because i didnt feel like leaving them stranded.

i just cant wait till i leave these people behind and keep only a select few friends whose company i cherish.

i know i may not make sense, but im just venting.

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