A little advice for the guys out there...  

rm_parkerj2006 42M
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5/17/2006 2:59 pm

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A little advice for the guys out there...

So I have a lot of female friends, and some of the emails you guys send them are hilarious. So as a fellow penis owner, I figured I'd throw some advice your way. Keep in mind, these are my opinions, follow them at your own risk.

A. The first time you email someone, there's a 97.453 percent chance that just writing "You're hot", "You make me hard", "I'd love to see you naked", or "I want to lick your honey pot", will NOT be the opening line that makes that person want to contact you! I know this is crazy..waaay out from left field, but instead, if you want to talk to someone...Try making the conversation a lil more witty, with a lil more of a PG rating.

B. Unless via request...don't send pictures of your dick!!! I know, its confusing, if a woman sends us some naughty pics, they pretty much have us hook, line and sinker. It doesn't work the other way* Chances are they dont want that shit, especially by someone they don't know.

C. If you don't fit the description that someones looking for in a partner, you won't change her mind just because you think you're special. A friend of mine only dates black guys. If you're not black, don't be all trying to pick up the poor girl!!! It won't work, unless you're me anyway, but that's only cause I got it like that. Like they say, Once you go black, Parker J can bring you back! haha

Yeah, right now about 30 girls randomly around the world just yelled...'BullShit!' lmao

...or did they

MarcySullivan 53F
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6/1/2006 6:25 pm

LMAO!!! cute ParkerJ and soooo true!!!!!


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