5 Random thoughts at the moment  

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5/22/2006 11:38 pm

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5 Random thoughts at the moment

5 Random thoughts at the moment

1. When did it become the norm to hire wanna-be comedians as sportscasters? Howard Cosell wasn't a comedian, but he was funnier than all the guys on Sportscenter combined.

2. If I was molested by a group of old women playing Bingo...would anyone believe me?

3. The only real sex toy I can think of for men is the Pocket Pussy, which is basically just a piece of rubber shaped to look like a vagina. That leads me to ponder...Has any guy ever fucked a piece of plastic rubber, then looked at himself in the mirror with confidence and thought "Oh yeah, I Rule!"

4. If Lauren Bush had an affair with Colin Powell, would anyone feel bad for George?

5. AdultFriendFinder...tastes like chicken!

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