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9/2/2005 7:23 pm

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about cheating husbands

In response to noluvjustsex28 I posted the following:
marital counseling? there is nothing worse than betrayal. even divorce is better. take it from one who KNOWS--and you may actually know of me since we're in the same little town--you could die of some freak accident tomorrow and then 3 days after your funeral, your wife could find out like i did, and even your memory would be destroyed forever. i hope you make every effort to work things out with her if you love her like you say you do.

And here I rant.
Do you know how I wound up on AdultFriendFinder? My late husband was using these adult websites to cheat on me. On one of them (not this one) he advertised himself as a widower. Geez, how low can one go?

Even if I hadn't wanted to have sex with him (and I DID) that would be no excuse for looking for sex elsewhere behind my back. And then telling me that I was just crazy, paranoid, all that garbage. Yet I tore my eyes out to believe him. Do you know what that cost me? Other than a good chunk of my sanity? It is costing men here too, because I'm one hell of a great lover.

But he rejected me time and again. I was not getting sex from my husband during the latter part of his life. I had opportunities to cheat, but that was not even an option for me. I wanted things to work between us. I did not know how far gone away he was. Until 3 days after his funeral.

I looked into his yahoo address book to find people I should contact about his death, and found so much more than I bargained for. Don't ask how I got into his yahoo account. Just know I'm pretty good with computers, too. I've found 5 profiles here and there, the earliest of which he signed up for a few weeks after I told him I was pregnant with our little boy. Here on AdultFriendFinder, he was "wendilly" and he filled out the purity test. I saw his responses to each question. Et tu, Cathi? He even fucked one of my friends.
I'm not sorry that I dug up the truth, even though it is very painful. After all, when someone has told you that you are crazy to think such a thing, it's a relief of sorts to find out that no, you weren't schizo.

Why the heck did he not try to work things out or just divorce me? I asked him repeatedly what was wrong, and he only said he was a little tired. (Now I know why.) I do not want to be with a man who won't be faithful. He should have respected that. But respect is a part of love.

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