rm_pacster1982 37M
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5/9/2006 11:28 pm

so many people say they love you and so many people say they know what love is then why is it all the time that love is based upon money and sex but not how you are feeling for someone inside my life has felt liek it has jst begon all over agian i have lost not only one person i love but two on febuary 8 2006 i was jsut enjoying my mornign when i got a call from my mother she asked me if i was sitting down and i told he rno why she said sit down mike so i sat and she said your brother has been killed in a car accident and i fell tomy knees i knew then my life was on a stand still why i had to lose him i have no clue the last tiem i seen him before i seen him in his casket was xmas day i wish i would ahve known that would have been the last day i would see my little brother so i tried to get on with my life but i couldn't then my finace decided she no longer wanted me cuz i was to depressed and stressed about my little brother she left me as well so what was i to do but try and die alone side my brother i wanted to be at that point in time now its been a grueling 3 months that i ahve had to live and im wondering when its gonna improve i wanna be lvoed again so if anyone out there can love me like no other then plz come help me thank you

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