i did not say that!  

rm_pa1man2 59M
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8/29/2006 4:57 pm
i did not say that!

i find the longer i look at profile the more i see something and i bet the person meant some thing else. it says chat and email only and they write in main body you find distance or when we meet. it always go this way i say something and it means one thing to me and something differant to someone else. i laughed at this the other night when i thought of it. they as for some sexy. how many people have the same meaning for that? i am guilty of the same thing i need to fill a void in my life but i started at 30 years old. just pick number because i need one where in reality it could be someone from 18 on, but none of us know. it is very hard discribe what you need to fill a hurt in your life,you only can tell what you thing willfill that need. nothing is sure. so i need to find someone who things they can fill the need. does not look like it will be easy!

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