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3/28/2006 9:51 pm

Must be spring fever!

I tell you, I've been restless for several days now. Nothing I can quite put my finger on, just a general feeling of unease, you know? I can't sleep and yet I'm exhausted. Its like that feeling you get before a thunderstorm. Like something is about to happen but you don't know what.

Good news, though! Son was offered a full ride scholarship to LCCC today! Vocal music director came in to do a little scouting...took him aside and offered him a full ride. She realizes he's only a junior, but he's filled out the paperwork to start the process. I'll admit, I was a little worried how I was going to get him into college. Knew there would be scholarships, but just worried if they'd be enough.

Of course, we've had the head of the music department at the University of Wyoming, Dr. Belzer, calling our house on nearly a weekly basis for the last couple of months. Son went to Europe this summer as a Wyoming Ambassador of Music and Dr. Belzer was one of the instructors, so he's bound and determined to get him to come to U-dub. I see a bargaining chip here?

Daughter has finished up basketball season and started track. She's already whining about how sore she is! I think its more that the other kids are whining and she thinks she has to join in. (would you like a little cheese with that whine?) Lord knows she's in excellent shape, so I don't think she's as sore as she's putting on.

As for me, work is wicked right now and no end in sight. With this warm weather I'd rather be anywhere than sitting behind a desk all day!

Are you allowed to play hooky when you're an adult?

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