Entry the Eighth - The Two S's - Shower & Shave  

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9/12/2006 6:17 am
Entry the Eighth - The Two S's - Shower & Shave

We noticed a lot of the guys shave everything on here. We discussed the matter, and I wanted him to shave completely, and he didn't want to shave at all. We came to a compromise, we would trim the area very well, short, thus avoiding the razor burn and bumps that I know would drive him absolutely bonkers.

First, I needed to give him a regular haircut. So we went into the kitchen and I gave him a haircut. Then, I had him drop his pants and I then used the clippers to trim his bush. I knelt down between his legs and began to work. I guess the whole idea of me doing that, and handling his cock, pulling it this way and that to reach areas, really turned him on. He was hard as a rock, and I could see a bead of pre-cum glistening on its tip. I smiled and made sure I ran my hand up and down the shaft a great deal more than I really needed to...

I was quickly done, and brushed off the hair and couldn't resist bending forward and licking the head of his cock and tasting his juice. Of course, I couldn't leave it there, I took him in my mouth and began to move and suck on his shaft very slowly and tantalizingly. He was straining upward to meet me, moaning very softly. The girls were still abed and he was afraid the oldest would come downstairs. I agreed we were being kind of risky with that scenario taking place while the 12-year-old was home so we stopped. Of course, though, we had to take a shower to wash off the hair from his haircut!

So we proceeded upstairs to the bathroom, and started the water. We undressed, and he was still hard and eager for me, and I was wet before I even got into the shower! We stepped into the shower, the hot water sluicing down our bodies as we kissed passionately. Very hot...

We washed our hair and our bodies, all the while touching, kissing, looking. After we were clean, I knelt down and took him into my mouth again. I licked and sucked and could have gone on forever with him in my mouth, I love to have his shaft between my lips.

But he pulled me up to my feet, and he went down and returned the favor. His tongue explored everywhere on my smooth-shaved pussy, licking and sucking on my clit. I could barely stand up, I was weak at the knees and my juices were flowing. He kissed his way up my body to my breasts, and lavished much love and attention on my two best assets...I was so excited and I finally told him I had to have him in me.

I put my feet on the sides of the tub, and leaned against the back wall of the shower. He entered me slowly, teasingly, grabbing my ass and kissing the sweet spot on my neck. He increased the speed and pressure of his thrusts and I had to hold onto the shower curtain rod and the side of the wall for dear life, because my legs would have buckled for sure because I was completely focused on the feeling of his cock going in and out of me--loving the feeling of fullness his shaft gives my tight passage. I squeezed those muscles to hear him groan, and quickly thereafter, I came. I encouraged him to fuck me harder, harder and soon, he exploded inside me. He held me up, both of us breathing hard and kissing lazily...

We've had shower sex a great deal, but with everything we have been doing this week, every encounter seems more wicked and intense. I'm loving being a naughty bad girl and I love that he is walking around with this secret, that his woman is a hot little piece of ass and he has lots of sexy encounters to look forward to.

Friskily Yours,
The Mrs.

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