Opening the door  

rm_ostory1987 30F
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6/8/2006 11:36 am
Opening the door

Well I have finally put an ad up to try and find the S&M sex that I think I really crave for. 3 promising replies already but noone with S&M experience or at least, not much. More tomorrow, my rabbit calls.

rm_kneel_be4me 50M
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6/8/2006 1:32 pm

Welcome to blogville.

Be carefull out there. There are alot of people out there just looking to hurt someone calling it S&M.

I myself am more into the D/s than S&M because I am not into the pain side as much as the dynamics of the D/s pschology. There are times when pain is needed to let the sub know her place. There are also times when the sub can yearn for a little pain be it from wax, spanking, clips, or ropes. But I dont get into inflicting pain for pains sake.

Look around the blogs and read. there is tons of fun stuff around.... enjoy.

rm_advent_urous 64M
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6/9/2006 12:07 pm

Hello young "O"

You will hopefully find an email from me in your inbox.

Please read it, think and then read it again - if you find that the butterflies in your tummy are starting to fly then please reply.

My guarantee is total safety and full use young lady. This is about fun and pleasure and you will be trained is so many ways.


rm_daveyt79 36M
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6/13/2006 2:18 am

Hi 'O',

Id luv 2 get together with u sumtime N maybe we can learn from each other.


me4you1955 62M

6/17/2006 5:20 pm

Hi darling!

I think you are old enough (are you?) to know there is a difference between books and reality. Be sure to let somebody know, where you spend your day or night, have a save harbour. Don't trust anybody, not even me, as long as you do not know him / her. BDSM is not about someone hurting someone else, it is a mind game which should be enjoyed by all involved.

1mancity1 41M

6/21/2006 7:09 am

Hi 'ostory1987'

I want to help you fulfill your fantasies and explore your sexuality.
Im not that far away, so get in touch !!

Im experienced, intelligent and want to dominate you in the bedroom.

If you dont reply soon, there will be extra punishment 4 u girl !!

See my profile. x

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