A soldiers point of view.  

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11/25/2005 12:01 am

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A soldiers point of view.

It's not easy being military, and worrying about the people you love, and it sucks to be cheated on.
It's not simple trying to find that right someone, who will be there with you through the thick and thin.
It's not fun arguing over simple issues, when it's about a point of view, and it's not joyous to tell someone that you don't love them anymore.
Regardless of where you are, or what your doing, no matter who your with, or when it happens..
It will. And there's nothing you can do to stop it.
So the best advice I can give you is this:
Suck it up. Move on. Get over it. Find someone else. Find a different job, girl, guy, career, car, friend, what ever...it's all part of the greater scheme of things.. And we all get hurt.
So when you decide to turn to the closest person and unload on them, just remember..

I was there for you..I was in the trenches, with the bullets over head. I was in the living room while you yelled at my face, and called me a liar. I was there when you told me you didn't love me anymore, over the phone. I was there.
I was there with you. I was there when you and him made love in the living room, I was there when your mother died, I was there when you found out you were pregnant, and it wasn't mine.

And what did I do?
I listened.

All I'm saying is simple.. Don't hate me forever, and don't forget me, don't make it seem like I hurt you so deeply you stop caring. Because, when you think about it.. You did it to me too, and I forgave it.. I forgave it all, because of one thing.. You. I am your conscience.

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11/25/2005 12:29 am

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11/25/2005 1:58 am

Order2181 -

You sound hurt, but your expressed feelings sound balanced. You'll be OK.

Take care of yourself. There is only so much you can do and so far you can go with another human-being's thoughts and actions. It's a form of conflict in the end and the bottom-line is save yourself and stay effective.

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