Contacting people and music  

rm_oralforu1000 36M
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9/12/2006 1:33 am
Contacting people and music

It is so hard to contact people on this site, it gets rather frustrating at times. I'll get a few leads, and then poof everything falls apart. Oh well, just got to keep on plugging.

On a different note, I just discovered the band spoon, and they are frickin' awesome. I love their lyrics, and their music is just so fresh and melodic. Anybody that likes, stuff like sonic youth, pavement, or even John Lennon and Prince should check them out. Their newest album (Gimme Fiction) is pretty diverse, but good; I personally started out with Kill The Moonlight and it blew me away. So if you're looking for some newer music to try out, I definetly recomend them, and Wilco (but that's another post.)

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