Why I Love/Hate My Vascectomy!  

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6/1/2006 4:35 am

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Why I Love/Hate My Vascectomy!

Right off it was and wasn't what was promised.

Let's face it, birth control is an ugly necessity whether for a man or a woman. This seemed like the best choice as it wouldn't kill spontaneity and is maintenance free.

The operation was neat. It was done in a rural NY clinic, so even though I was comfortable with everything showing at the clinic, the female members went a little overboard with discretion which I thought was pretty humorous. The injections were a little unnerving at first since the idea of my scrotum serving as a pincushion was strange. However, no pain, time to start. The incisions were small, the vas deferens were tugged out and sliced and I laid back to relax the rest of the way. Within a couple of minutes I smelled burning meat. It was me! Yikes! It turns out the doctor was cauterizing the cut ends of my now tied tubes. Thanks for the surprise. Now I know what Joan of Arc was smelling! Pe-ew.

After a few days with packages of frozen peas on my crotch (they conform best to one's shape), I was ready to test out. Doing my best to remember to jerk-off into the container, I had 1/2 hour to rush into the clinic's reception area to announce to the jaded receptionist that I had brought my ejaculate with me. I loved it! No sperm! Might as well do it right the first time.

However, there was suddenly a noticeable difference. Cumming felt totally strange. I used to have a high sperm count. I pretty much needed once shot to get someone pregnant. Also when having sex it seemed like my balls were providing as much pleasure and stimulation as anywhere else. When I used to have sex my balls felt as if they were vibrating or doing flips, especially as I got my absolute hardest, which pulled the scrotum even deliciously tighter. When I was about to shoot my ejaculate, I could feel the sperm shot travelling from my testicles through the vas deferens into my seminal vesicle. It was like an exciting electric sensation to herald the delight to come. At that point within a second or two I had reached the inevitability point and all the contractions would take over.

Now my balls were dead. No sensation. Non-player. My ejaculation was coming on from where my seminal vesicle was at the very base of my penis. I was having to learn how to cum again and communicate with my body. That was actually depressing for awhile.

Then I learned how to live with the change. But some remarkable things happened too. It was easier to last longer since I had less stimulation. The best of all was the contractions. They could seem to last forever. Even though I was shooting less fluid (see below), if I kept thrusting or asking for my partner to not stop, the sensations would actually build during orgasm and seem to last as long as I worked at it. Yowza! I don't know if it was the relief of not worrying about pregnancy or just one of life's unforeseen rewards, but it was great!

The amount of cum issue was the other downside. I was told and read that the fluid loss was minimal. Maybe my mix was a little more high-test, but I had a big drop-off. Psychologically I was like many guys who took caveman pride in how much they shot out. It was even more depressing with a second or third orgasm. This is something else I have learned to accept. I know it's not exciting sometimes for a partner, but hey, I "came" because of you and had a great time. Isn't that the point?

curiousinlorain7 60F

6/3/2006 7:39 am

Nice to see what mental things go into being 'fixed' from the male perspective. Up to now the only thing that I understood from it was the freedom you felt in the knowledge that there would be no 'oopsies' that can happen in other forms of birth control. It was a freedom that my ex had...and with many others unbeknownst to me until the end...

rm_openup53 66M

6/5/2006 4:07 am

Sorry it worked out that way. It would have been nice if he was upfront about how he felt.

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