day 20  

rm_open171 40M
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7/31/2006 3:25 pm
day 20

where does one go to get the attention one needs i must say that most americans are very open about sex as long its with american.the british well they too enjoy sex the way all people wish too enjoy it but us south africans worry tooooooo much about it as you know aids seems to be everywhere so it seems us south africans seem to be more careful who we sleep with as you could sleep yourself a death it seems we have that old scare does he look good?
does he have alot of money ? does he want a family ? will he ever want a family ? and last does he have aids ??? well by the time yo think you have found MR right he's actually MR wrong.
and you never even gave the guy a chance to even get to know that you had any intrest in him so what happens mr right walks right out the door and you get stuck with mr wrong .
and you regret that for the rest of your life until you try to make things right .

i would say that i mess up just like that and i know or feel that destiny waits for no one so you have to beg pleed swallow your guts get down and dirty to fight in what you believe is the right path to what most people seek and that is eternal love that lasts even after death !

i wish for all that they find what they are looking for !

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