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my thoughts on the coments

dragons log monday may15th 2006

do i think i have the answers on how to handle a child on some things yes on other hell no am i perfect hell no if i was then i would be god but i will be the first to admit i am not perfect and no one is this world is or will ever be no matter what i am 33 and i dont know all the answers when it come to children but with what i do know and see i will always say what works and what dont im not saying you should ever beat a child just a firm 2 to 3 swats on his or her behind and after it is all done and said sit with you kid discuss why you did it explane it to them most adults dont take the time they feel " oh i spank my kid " and thats that but it is not you got to as a parent take time and talk with your kid no matter what always ask " who , what , when , where , why , how " if you dont the surely your child will be disrespectful and unruley

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5/15/2006 1:56 pm

I understand what you are saying completely. I don't think anyone has all the answers on how to be a perfect parent. Is there such a thing? I am not a parent, but as I've said before I am a teacher and I see what happens when there is no discipline what so ever at home. I agree with you that you MUST talk to the child after disciplining, otherwise he/she will never learn why they were disciplined.

rm_onyx513 replies on 5/16/2006 8:56 am:
thanks teach for agreeing with me on some of my thoughts

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