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9/10/2006 6:25 am

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No answers?

The trickle of winks has ended, but have met a few young ladies to whom I am talking to quite regularly, maybe i shall make a name for myself for the chat, if not for anything else Very intersting point has come to my attention, it seems that younger women have a thing about only chatting to younger guys, as if us older guys can't provide the sexy chat they need? I can see older women not wanting to chat to guys too much younger, both for experience and from what I have heard about some of their attitudes! but why the other way around??

Also sent a couple of Hi's out, one to a NSA young lady offering to show what 30 years of experience has to offer over a younger guy be nice experience for both of us and would take another point off my AdultFriendFinder purity scoring - not that that was first thing in my mind , more the gorgeous pair she was showing on her profile

If any young ladies are reading this and would like to decrease my purity score, I could do with a 20year plus age difference, could do with a 3 and 4 some, however the engaged and married may take a lot of persuasion on their parts, unless matching Nigella Lawson for \8 appeal, are independently wealthy, sex mad, and would treat me like a king (or more likley just be prepared to wake up next to me in the morning lol)

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