Passionate about women  

rm_oldhat1957 60M
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6/28/2006 1:58 pm
Passionate about women

I have in the past been accused of womanizing, but this is really not true. I confess, I love woman and can fantasize and are passionate about them, but this makes me a lover of women and not just a womanizer.

Each woman in my life I really loved (and still do). I do not believe that there can ever be a limit to how many women you love. Although your paths may split, it does not mean that the loving is dead. I also believe that people that feel anger, frustration and even hatred towards an ex-partner is because of reasons other than the love being dead. In an abusive relationship, those feelings may dominate but it still doesn’t mean that the love is gone, you may perhaps also protect yourself by hiding your love, but its still there.

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