Sex and the workplace  

rm_ohsolustful 59M
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1/27/2006 8:25 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sex and the workplace

Sometimes it can be so hard to work with members of the opposite sex. I find my mind is constantly drawn to their sexual attributes, the jiggle of their breasts, the flash of a thigh as they sit down, or worse yet a tiny peak at their panties or thigh highs. A woman in a skirt gets to me every time. God gave woman such wonderful curves. It makes it very HARD at times to stay focused I have had a few little trysts over the years, very memorable experiences. Ahh the passion of forbidden fruit...what a dangerous game, only one time did it lead to trouble for me, and from that I learned that very important lesson about not Shi-ten where ya eat...How about the rest of you, do you or don't you with co-workers????????

fantasylover_05 63M

1/27/2006 9:38 am


I own my own small business and do not have a large staff in the office.... but I do not ever even consider mixing work and pleasure here.. for one thing the obvious potential accusations of sexual harrassment (such a litigious society) and I just don't think it wise...... and that has worked for me.... others may do differently...

Though I will admit... the very ocassional flash of this or that can get the old ticker going! LOL

rm_ohsolustful 59M
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1/27/2006 11:37 am

I hear ya, now a days I settle for just gettin the old ticker going too, ahhhhh butback in the day, WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, what a blast it was, thanks for the comment and for visiting my blog

southrnpeach333 51F

1/27/2006 1:32 pm

One of the most erotic and combustable relationships I have had was with a co-worker. The covert flirting, a little discrete office flashing, we had all day to heat each other up. Luckily he changed jobs before we were caught.

tillerbabe 57F

1/28/2006 3:11 pm

Oh God I DID! Never again. He was my Captain...only other Firefighter in my dept that I "did"..for 2.5 years. Got my heart majorly broke - he ended up with the short end of the deal...(the guys wanted to kill him!) But the drama was way too much for me...NOT WORTH IT!

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