the story of X  

rm_odholoup 45M
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3/16/2006 2:56 am
the story of X

absolutely true, but .... man, you can never imagine...

out of 22.000.000 million people one day I sent a little mail to X. X replies quiete fast - an exception on this site full of losers - and we start chatting. we decide to meet in antwerp and guess what; the person I meet seems to be an ex-coworker who I always liked. after some champagne she told me to stay with her to pass the night. her friend was abroad and she got bored due to a life without sex. not easy.
around 5 in the morning got back home, totally tired and sucked dry ... man, never been sucked in the way X did it ... since then we see eachoter on an casual basis and the sex is great...
never believed in this cyber stuff ... so this will be exeptional.

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