Sexual Chivalry  

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2/26/2006 5:02 pm

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Sexual Chivalry

Sexual Chivalry. (copied from blogger)

Anyways, I try to discipline myself to write at least every 2 days to these blogs discussing sex. Heck, sex is as good as subject as anything else to talk about. I reckon the more civilized a country is, the more openly sexuality is discussed and the more tolerant a society becomes to so-called "deviant" forms of sexuality such as homosexuality and so on.

But, as usual, I begin with the refrain that it is oh so difficult to discuss this. Sex is not something I am used to discussing. In part, it's because I am a virgin. I have never had sexual intercourse. I'll go into the reasons for this later.

What makes it even more difficult is the prospect that I will be getting comments. I welcome comments but, in the past, 2 months, I have had one or two bad comments. To those who post disapproving comments, I have two responses. 1) I will read your comment and then I will delete it. If the particular blog service allows it, I will also permanently bar your name.

2) Generally speaking, those who disapprove proffer arguments along the linses of "It's perverted". If by "perverted", you mean, I explore gender role-reversal when revealing my sexual fantasies et cetera, then, brace yourself, because it's going to get even more perverted as time goes by.

Let me talk about my past. I'm nearly 32 years old. When I was a kid/teenager, I had a problem. I didn't have peers like normal kids do. I kept to myself. I kept myself in my room after returning home from school. Had I mixed with kids my own age, I would have understood more what their priorities were and, for young adolescent males, one thing is for sure, sex is near the top of the list, as well as discussion on girls, stratagems for "pulling a girl", "pick-up lines", that sort of thing. I missed all of that. I missed all that chat and subsequent practice.

To make matters worse, I associated with older people, namely my parents and their friends. Now, I'm not saying that all older people aren't interested in sex like younger people are. Not at all. But, I do politely suggest that older people tend to sublimate their sexual drives, take on board another set of priorities to do with looking after their spouses and children. That sort of thing. In short, my priorities were becoming a little f**ked up. Perhaps, becoming a tad obsessed with chivalry.

Also, related to this, I developed a colossal ego. I was the one. Heck, even the female species was below me. Sex drive, sublimate it, young knight in armour, think about high and mightier things. Yes, ego. A biggggg problem!!

Engaging in actual sex, for me, is an act in modesty. Imagining sex as some sort of perfect, quasi-religious thing, well, you'll probably wind up getting none at all. I know all about that!

Anyway, that's enough for tonight.

Paul Carr

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