Liking younger women.  

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5/12/2006 4:26 pm
Liking younger women.

Liking younger women

I would be lying if I told you I didn't like younger women and even a lot younger women. I do. Of course, I want to stress here I am talking about over-18 adult women. I like them. I like their supple bodies. Their pert breasts. Their pristine vaginas. As a virgin, I have never had sex and I have never had sex with anyone. I would like to have sex with such a young gorgeous woman, such a miracle of nature... Who wouldn't? (*)

I guess the idea of being a "sugar daddy" appeals to me. As a younger man, I was a lot more immature. Now, I'm more mature.. I can convey my feelings a lot better, including negative feelings, most of the time... And well, conveying my feelings and thoughts and fantasies to a younger woman, well, it has its appeal to me and is tempting and arousing..

Perhaps, I like the idea of teaching her something too, of sharing our feelings...

(*). Younger woman are more active. Very fit. Very supple bodies.(**) Usually, highly sexed. High sex drives. And, are keen to take an older, less-fit, less perfect man along for a ride. They're visionaries. I would like to taste such happiness.

[my prick is a little erect and aroused now]

(**). They're like duracell batteries. They go on and on. They don't collapse from exhaustion.. The poor guy will collapse from exhaustion first!!. But, this beautiful, pristine woman, such a selfless being, who thinks only of helping and pleasing others, wants to bring her man along for a ride. She grabs her man by the buttocks and, from behind, she pulls him into her, one hand on the door frame, the other guiding his buttock!!. She pulls him in, forcefully, energetically, so quickly, like only a young person can feel...He's helpless and like liquid in her arms. She's in control...

Paul Carr

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