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5/27/2006 11:19 am
Adultfriendfinder membership.

I took out one month's gold membership of AdultFriendFinder about 10 days ago. I guess I was following my dick. I won't give away any names. But, I saw this picture of this Heidi lookalike with nice ripe, erect, pert breasts, her chest stuck out, pig-tails (as I recall), thin and so on. Sweet face. Maybe late twenties. And, I thought to myself. Hmm, nice. With gold membership, I can get in touch with her. With standard membership, I could only see a few lines of her introduction. I could see the rest with gold membership. There was something about a bitch who was hard to please. Little more.

Anyway, I took out gold membership. Following my dick, I sent her an join-my-list-of-friends invitation. Straight away. Then, I read the rest of her profile with my full membership. I didn't like what I read.

First she said that she wasn't looking for "losers". That put me in an exposed position. She wrote (rather excitingly in my view) that she could fu8k for hours and hours... And, in her friends list, there were pictures of all these guys, nice hair cuts, yuppie types, nothing indecent at all, in Ireland, they would be called young Fianna Fail types, typical GAA playing young jocks, presumably looking for a good time. I suppose handsome, with chiselled bodies, unlike myself. I always fear the worst. . She went on to write that she expected "presents" and so on.

After I read this from "Heidi" [not her real name], I almost instantly regreted sending her the invite-to-my-friends-network invitation. She'd probably turn me down in any case. In fact,even, after I had read this profile, I still thought about sending her an e-mail. (following my dick again)... Who did I think I was? Some piece of shit, she can trample on and bring to orgasm?

Here I was, grappling with my conscience for months and months over whether to buy membership of AdultFriendFinder or not and this. I was presented with a vision of young Fianna Fail type jocks, who don't have the prickly, exaggerated conscience that I have.

Gawd, I have missed out on so much in life. . But, there's always time to make up, I hope.

Needless, to say "Heidi" [not real name], hasn't accepted my join-my-list-of-friends-network invitation. I guess that makes me a "loser" in her eyes. Perhaps, unlike her, I won't be able to fuck for hours (and hours).

I don't have a grudge against her. Not at all. I don't know her, other than was I read on her profile.

After her, I went to view the profile of this sweet Asian, based in Ireland. Sweet photo. And, in her list of friends, there were guys too but the photos were mainly of penises of various sizes and shapes and so on. She seems to be more honest and straightforward. I sent her an e-mail but no reply. In the e-mail I sent, I was presented with two choices. 1), behave like I always have done, namely, behave like a (stupid) knight in armour, trying to save the damsel in distress with my "glorious company". or 2) Just tell her I wanted to have sex with her. Fortunately, I chose the later course-of-action.

What else to write on sex? Well this is a "sex blog" after all. . Well, I suppose I will have to come to terms with the fact, that in order to have the best sex, I am just going to have to use my hands a lot to bring myself to orgasm, when I am not have direct sexual intercourse with a sex partner. I guess that's common sense.

Hmm, anything else?

Nope, can't think of anything at this time.

I'll sign off for now.

Paul Carr

PostScript: I acknowledge that I am, on occasion, a pretty angry guy. Nobody is entirely free of prejudices. I feel, as a younger man, and as a child, I didn't have the advantages (material ones) which were offered to other people.

Regarding sex, I'm absolutely desperate at this stage to have sex...

It's good to be courageous, but not to the point of stupidity!!.

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