unknown wisdom  

ColtsSyncsOunce 44M
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3/1/2006 9:34 pm

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2/25/2007 10:39 am

unknown wisdom

women kill me!
why is it when you are taken, they want you.
but, when you are single they dont?
it just baffles the shit out of me.........

theiceprincess69 46F

3/2/2006 4:56 pm

Hey, men are no different... trust me!
Haven't found a decent one single, but when
I was married, they were everywhere!!

Frankiegirl47 60F

4/1/2006 6:27 am

Princess.... you are absolutely right!! Its that way... with both of the sexes...

sweetlaura2006 33F

7/6/2007 11:10 am

We could say the same thing for men to. It just seems to work that way. Just keep looking for someone to have fun with until you find the right one. You I am sure can find someone...

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