The Technician, Based on a True Story  

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The Technician, Based on a True Story

Several years ago I had my physical. My doctor, a
woman, felt something in my balls that she thought I should get checked out... in the end it turned out to be nothing, but I was scheduled for a "testicular ultrasound".

I went to ********* or somewhere... the technician
was a rather attractive girl. She, at first, handed me a gown, but then realized where she would be taking the ultra sound and realized that I couldn't really wear a gown. She handed me a towel and asked me to take off my clothes and I could cover up a little with the towel, but that she would still need "access" to me.

While she was still in the room, I started taking off all my clothes. She wanted my shirt off too. Not sure why, but I didn't question it. I got on the chair, which was really more like an almost flattened dental chair, but with a lot more room. Laid on my back. At first she was next to me. Showing me the equipment and telling me that she would have to roll all around my testicals but it should hurt, and not to be embarrassed if... "there were any side affects" as
she put it.

At this point I was not really turned on, just kind of interested in what was going on. Everything seemed so logical. No reason to get excited or anything. Then she brought the "scanner" to my balls while simultaneously placing a hand down on my cock to "Keep it out of the way". She didn't grab it, just pressed it firmly into my stomach. She asked me to spread my
legs. I thought I noticed she was kneeding my cock a little. but maybe that was in my head. I started to get hard.

"How are you doing?" - "Fine, OK" I said. She got up off her chair and in doing so wrapped her hand around my cock and gently tugged on it as she got up and let go if it. Kind of strange... but the motion was so fluid that I couldn't be sure it was intentional or not. I thought we might be done, so I leaned up off my back a bit.

"Oh no, we're far from done.... I was just trying to see what pictures I would get from that angle. I'm going to have to move my chair." At that she sat between my legs which were more or less like in an OBGYN setup.. but having not experienced that myself I'm not quite sure. She got so close to my balls I could feel her breath on them. Was she blowing on them? She now had her hand around my cock... not against it, around it. It was undeniable that it felt good, but she was still acting very professional and I was getting somewhat embarrassed because I wanted to
hump my cock through her hand.

When she moved the wand to the base of my balls I
reacted and thrust my cock through her hand. "Ticklish?" she said. I agreed, and I moved my hips up again faking that it tickled in reality fucking her hand. I was now rock hard. She said "I hope 'this' doesn't embarrass you, it's OK." she said nodding her head to my cock and stroking it in a way just to point out what she was talking about. "It's not uncommon with this procedure."

She then said. I'm going to need better access under hear. Can you turn over on your knees? "Sure" At this I turned over, not all together happy that she had to release my cock, but now I realized that my spread open ass was right in her face. "Good I need to see the base of your scrotum" She now had one hand on my ass, parting it I suppose. while the wand was at the base of my ball sack. I could feel her warm breath on my asshole. Then... I could swear, I felt something wet on my ass. Was that? It's got to be my imagination... Suddenly I feel her stroke my cock and I moan quietly.

She states "I can't get a good reading on your
testicles. They're too full. I'm going to have to perform a procedure to empty them to get a better view." At that she puts her face under my body and sucks my cock. Instinctively I start fucking her face. I'm so hard that I can't possibly take much of this.... with her hand in my ass crack and another around the base of my cock...

She pulls off and tells me to lay on my back... she quickly climbs on top of me... and somehow during this she must have taken off her pants and undies... she climbs on me and wastes no time placing my dick inside her pussy. Fucking me like I don't matter.... I can feel my cock make each slide against her pussy walls. Within moments I cum hard. She knows it and gives me
this devilish smile.

"Think I can get that better picture now she says?"


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your stories are great

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