The game continues- she is a liar but I still love her.  

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2/2/2006 8:50 pm

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The game continues- she is a liar but I still love her.

Again, I have had no contact with her in two days.

I had a friend of mine help prepare a birthday party for her soon to be three year old soon. All items were delivered to her parents house because that is where the party will be..

I think she was mad because I wouldn't send themoney direct to her and I had a friend of mine do all the shopping with money I wired directly to her.

We got a pinata, balloons, cake, and ice cream as well as items to share with the other children.

This is his first big birthday party. His Colombian father could care less about him and I think I fell in love with him as much as I did with her.

I speak limited Spanish and learning more but she spoke fair English, we could communicate when she would try.

Her son even begins to speak English to me.

I understand she is writing another American and I wish that he would find this blog, because man you are just as big a sucker as I am...even worse because you expected me to pay to get her here so that she could run to you...

Well, I wrote letters to every Visa Center here in the US as well as the US Embassy warning them that she told my friend and that she intends to forge the signature of her ex-husband who by law must give permission for her son to leave the country.

She may have the divorce I paid for, she may have the passports, birth certificate copies I paid for but she will now be forever stuck in Cartagena as my Visa Attorney has taken a statement from several people that she made statments that she was going to comit fraud to get here.

She is also messing around with a lawyer that she claims is her friend but it seems that each time she is with her friend her cell phone is off and I have it confirmed by someone else the she is away with someone else.

She is a liar and yet....I still love here. Stange how love is.

..and it wasn't because the sex was that great, I fell for her personality and what appears to be her whole sales pitch so to speak.

I don't know how a heart and appear so sincere and yet be so devious.

I know these activities not from one person but 5 and they do not know each other.

She thought I only knew 2 people in Colombia...I let her think that because I wanted to know how she would act.

Twice now she was seen my different friends who asked her where our engagement ring was and she said home in a drawer safe....I think she pawned it because it was a customer ring made in Colombia.

I have friends who are checking when they are in the neighborhood because they know the ring because it was one of a kind made by a friend of a friend who said he would not make another like it because he is not into mass producing the same style...he wants each to be unique like the couple.

She actually went into the store that I bought the ring from and the owner notice the ring because she wanted it cleaned and she said it needed fixed.

He knew the ring but said the man with her was very friendly and not like a family member friendly.

I still wish I could find a way to show up on her door by total surprise and catch her in the middle of all these lies to me and her parents.

I am not bitter or vengeful...I would just like to see it and get her to explain it....

Why would you say yes to marrying someone then screw it all up ?

Thanks for reading the rant....

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