I am content and happy for once :)  

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3/3/2006 11:02 pm

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I am content and happy for once :)

It has been a serious up and down ride, but such a huge change took place in her when she realized she could lose me forever.

I spoke to her parents with a translator and told them I was serious she needed to make a choice in her life.

They promised me to give her some time and forgive her that she would soon be the woman I fell in love with...they were right.

Again, tonight, she told me to please forget the past that I am all she thinks about and the only person she can see a future with because when bad times came, I stayed with her and never gave up on her.

I was the only one that called her every night while our son was in the hospital, and if she wanted me to call her one hour or two hours later, I called again. She said nobody in her life has a heart like mine and she wants to never lose it.

Good thing is that I believe her because it brings her to tears when she speaks about losing me, bad thing is she pretty much confirmed to me that she was cheating on me when friends had told me she was.

She will not yet openly admit it and I still believe that is important to just come totally clean. I would if I had something like this. We talk about no secrets all the time.

Her parents told me they want her close to "watch her" and make sure she keeps the vows to me because they can see in everything I do I love their "first" grandson.

Her apartment is so far from her parents and they want to help with her son's recovery. Our house in Cartagena is less than 75 feet out the back door to her parents.

She has not lived there but bought the house several years ago before being married.

I spoke with her parents and we decided to fix up our home in Cartagena rather than pay rent at her apartment. Then we will rent it out when they come to America.

The decision to change her address only took place yesterday because our son was in the hospital these past 4 days with an infection.

Simple thing here but was misdiagnosed there a few months ago, medicated with the wrong stuff until he broke a 101.6 fever.

They have been sort of an estranged family for some time and I have tried very hard to ask many questions about why this is when both her and her parents have the same views about close family ties

I have felt a change taking place within her and now within her parents, who really want to be involved with her and our son while the visa process finishes to build some happy memories.

I don't want to lose another minute of being without her and her son. My Immigration Attorney has filed the Visa Fiancee with the Service Center today.

Sounds mushy but true, I actually am thinking that after some recovery time. I found a cheap ticket to return to Cartegena in late April early May...love to be there in time to go to Bogota with her. If anyone at the American Embassy can see us together, they know it is love that will last forever.

I just need to find a Spanish class so that I can speak to her son easier. She and I have worked hard to understand each other and I think we do, the longer she keeps speaking English the better she gets but she has nobody to speak English with. She is trying to teach her some words..but when she stops speaking English then it get difficult for her.

I have a large $200 per month phone bill at .15 per minute but we practice talking and listening, we learn new words every night. She is very intelligent like her son.

I just can't believe that there is one woman in the world that I could find that I believe is worth forgiving most of all because that is hard for me to do, but secondly that I just don't want to go through life without.

Her laugh and her way of calming me, relaxing me by simply talking to me is just beyond anything I know...it isn't in her words so much but it is in how these words are coming straight from her heart and I can feel it.

I just realized I am babbling on, love what an intoxicating ingredient in life...and I think necessary for me.

Thanks for the kindness and courtesy of your attention.

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