Rascism and fake profiles  

rm_noregrets91 47M
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5/7/2006 9:17 am

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8/15/2006 7:22 am

Rascism and fake profiles

Hey! I have been a gold member on HotMatch for more than a year now. Its been great!!! To tell the truth, I joined to meet up with girls....Chocking, right??? LOL.
I did meet up with some girls (both good and bad experiences), but after a while I started just to chat with some as friends. Danish, British, Swedes etc...90% of all are really nice, but here is the point; Lately I have discovered rascist people and lots of fake profiles, mainly in the Swedish room. There seem to be a girl with loads of profiles talking about "her ship" and that niggers should "fuck off". Unfortunately there seem to be a few lonely guys with no life that find this amusing and backs her(them) up.
Of course I find this annoying, because everybody is allowed to chat in a room and to all you rascist people: GET A LIFE!!!!
I really hope that the fun will take over again in all rooms, and you know: SUMMER IS UP!
Take care guys and be nice to each other.....

LilSquirt_4mfm 68M/68F
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5/7/2006 10:11 am

seems we find racists everywhere in the world .. .sad, ... it likely will subside on its own ... u can report to AdultFriendFinder, but if she???? is using several profiles, they cant stop her???

humans are not all good people...


rm_noregrets91 replies on 5/8/2006 4:27 am:
Thanks for your reply LilSqiurt....
You are absolutely right. "She has been reported (not by me though). And the she just comes up as a new person every time, so there is no way you can stop "her"!

babes392 52F

5/7/2006 11:27 am

yea no wot u mean noreg have bumped into them myself and it not just niggers it the irish too but just ignore the bitches luv babes xxxxxxx

rm_noregrets91 replies on 5/8/2006 10:44 am:
Hi Babes,

Yeah i know...Saw that! If youre not a viking, your not invited


Rubenesquelady5 46F
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5/14/2006 11:34 am

Nice one Noregrets. I have as you noticed, stop visiting the room. It seems pointless to me spend my quality time listening to a drunk fake insult others instead of conversing. Besides she isn't even Swedish.

rm_noregrets91 replies on 5/14/2006 5:00 pm:
Hi Rubenesquelady,

Great to hear from you......yeah i noticed you are never in the chatroom....miss you a lot in there......but I understand

Take care always


action819 38F

6/19/2006 8:48 am

I really dont know why us adults just dont grow up and realize that blacks will always be a part of this universe whether you like it or not.Whites will never be superior, the only time I will accept their "superiority" is (1)When they can look towards the sky and fly, because they have wings. (2)When they have a cut what comes out is red wine. (3)They dont shit, piss or fart.(4)They have 4 legs and i have two.The point is Whites do not have these over the blacks so how can you possibly intimidate or remotely think you are superior.

One Love and nuff respect.

Fr: a jamaican sister

rm_noregrets91 replies on 6/19/2006 9:06 am:
well in this case it is some white people who dont like blacks.....sometimes its other way around! And none of them are acceptable of course!

girl4sex_mmmmm 35F
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6/19/2006 2:18 pm

Hmmmmm.....bet you are talking about that ShakinSweetAss....she is defo a retard

rm_noregrets91 replies on 6/20/2006 10:07 am:
hahahaha girl4sex.....well, i will not put on names here....

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