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4/3/2005 3:19 pm

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Squadron news

Some things about being single are great; no one else to clean up after, no one to report to, no need to check in with anyone else when out til 3 in the morning in New York. But some things suck; and let's face it, chicks can be real flakes.

So this weekend, despite countless assurances to the contrary, I ended up being...ditched? Stood up? on friday night by a 23-year-old who has modeled for me. On Saturday, the 28 yo tax preparer told me she would call, but didn't; and last night was just a disaster.

So now I'm not sure what is going to happen this week. I have a date monday night in NYC with a 24 yo who is smart enough to know that older men are hot (her words!). But after that the week is primed for disaster. A girl I've been calling for two weeks now says we should try to get together on tuesday, but for some reason I see "flake" written on the wall. My Brazilian friend from Rhode Island says she wants to come visit next weekend, but she hasn't followed through on a visit attempt since early 2002.

On the plus side, a good friend of mine in NYC reports good news. This girl he's been seeing for a few months finally broke everything off with her ex. Afterwards, she asked my friend not to call her for a few days so she could clear her head. Well, he panicked. But fortunately, he called me to ask for advice (after calling her every day for three days after she told him not to), and I instructed him not to call her for at least three days or else she might think of dropping him, too. So reluctantly, he agreed.

Today he called to say that last night she called him and that they got together and everything went as hoped. Good for him! And I feel pretty good about giving proper advice to someone. Always a good thing!

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