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4/6/2005 6:56 pm

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Something to ponder

I was asking myself earlier this evening, Why am I on this site? I almost never get any replies to my messages, and no one comments on my least 75% of the ads in my area are undoubtedly fake, and in any case I have enough real women in my life that I have no need whatsoever to spend $19.95 a month for a service that yields nothing.

Why, indeed?

Maybe I see it as a way to get some writing out of me. This blogging thing is a nice creative outlet where I get to share my stories (even though barely anyone reads them!) and brag/show off about my escapades in an environment where that's what we're all about.

So where is everyone?

Maybe it's poor blog placement. It seems that you have to collect a lot of comments before your blog gets any sort of useful placement. Or you have to get lucky and happen to write in just as they're updating the "recent posts" section. So far I've not been fortunate enough to get either of these to happen, aside from my very first post.

Is it a technical thing? Or am I not risque enough to get comments?

So tonight, I was planning on going out to play pinball and have a few beers at my local hangout, but I decided to stay in and make a phone call. My favorite asian girl in the city is on her way over here, and I understand she's bringing over some interesting outfits to model for me. I can only imagine!

Maybe that's why I don't get totally upset with this site; I'm not really looking for anyone, I'm just seeing what's here. I get a charge out of the "thrill of the chase" aspect that makes dating so electric. Finding chemistry where you didn't originally expect it is a great discovery!

Yet it still comes back to the fact that I don't think there are all that many real people on this site. OR am I not risque enough? Am I being penalized for not posting pictures of my penis?

I hope not. That wouldn't exactly reek of class, now would it?

Addendum: Our little encounter was great. She has great breasts too! And within the hour she went home for the night, leaving me here to write a little more, wonder if anyone actually reads these, and wait to fall asleep with that nice relaxed feeling you get after coming and making someone else come. I love that.

Lapkin4u 43F

4/7/2005 4:10 am

Thx for commenting on my post nordic......too bad your 600 miles away.
I think it is strange that you havent had anyone comment on your blogs....well at least you have one now...maybe others will follow. Good Luck and I will keep watching your blog.

cuddleboy69 50M

4/12/2005 7:57 am


Don't worry keep bloging ... it's good to get things out of yourself I think. If you really want more people to read your blog/comment ... I would suggest two things:
1) Read other peoples blogs and comment ... sometimes they will comment back (like Lapkin did)
2) Try to make a flashy title ... (ok I know that's a bit cheesy ... but we are in the 00's man ... and there's so much noise out there that you need to do something that get's their attention. The first blog of mine that got many views was titled "What makes me feel like a man" ... on the other hand it didn't have much to do with sex )

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