Is the Lesbian Revolution for real?  

rm_nordic68 50M
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4/17/2005 7:38 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Is the Lesbian Revolution for real?

I think this is a question that we've had to ponder for several years now: Is the Lesbian Revolution for real? Judging from the number of women on this site looking for other women (though they still come up when browsing for women seeking men), it seems as if this is so.

So how come I haven't seen any of it? I mean, when I go to New York I see lesbian women, sure; but they're the classic type, one being the butch one and the other being softer. If this revolution is in progress, I should see a lot more of the soft ones all over each other.

I feel like I'm missing something here. It's bad enough that I can't get any of the women in my area to reply to my messages (anyone want to help me out on that one?) but to be told that all this rampant girl-on-girl action is all around and for me not to see it is really upsetting. I'm in my prime years and I can't find two girls to demonstrate for me? Come on!

Oh what is this world coming to!?!?!?

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