thermonuclear orgasmic oblivion  

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2/26/2005 5:40 pm

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thermonuclear orgasmic oblivion

Fisting. Can anything be more amazing?

I wasn’t sure if I wanted it last night when we were about to get horny. My husband said, with a wink and a smile, he’d clip his nails “just in case". I watched as the clippers went snip, snip, snip. I knew what he was thinking while he shaped and polished his nails with an emery board and nail buffer. When he was through, the tips of the fingers on his left hand were soft and smooth, crowned by close cropped glistening nails. Not a sharp or rough spot on them. God’s fingers.

It started. His tongue taunted my nipples, one finger teased my pussy, and my fingers found their own pleasure on my clit. I was very relaxed, focused on nothing but experiencing the pleasure my body can give me, feeling nothing but the sweet sensations of sex … It was good but I was growing hungry and the hole between my thighs felt greedy ‒ ravenously empty.

“Two fingers.” I said it out of need. “Put two fingers in my pussy.” His lone finger had been curled up inside, massaging my G-spot ‒ it felt good but more would feel better. A little more lube … two more fingers … Yes, it definitely felt better now. Although I had already been orgasming under the influence of his single digit, with double the fingers the strength of my pleasure compounded. Delicious! From that point, I don’t remember a moment in which I wasn’t cumming.

“Would you like one more?” he asked. It wasn’t easy to answer … not because I didn’t want more, but because I was losing contact. My pleasure was growing stronger and stronger. It was as if every nerve ending in my body was concentrated at my G-spot and he had his finger on that trigger without mercy. If that wasn’t enough, every now and then his tongue danced on my clit while his fingers worked magic inside. I was able to nod my head and with the third, the pleasure redoubled yet again.

No stopping now. Can’t stop now. More fingers. Everything. My only want: let me take you by the hand and hold it close to my heart. I wanted to be filled, stuffed, and filled again. He rotated his fingers inside my pussy and I was ready for more. I didn’t have to speak it. He knew.

His hand entered. I felt a slight pain, so I let him know. “You move” he said, giving me power over the penetration. I squeezed the muscles of my vagina tightly, then released and moved my ass toward his hand. With each compression-release-motion, he came deeper and closer to touching my core. And then he was there. Like a white light. In this state of consciousness I can’t think at all, my body moves involuntarily, my ass pumps to move his hand inside my cunt. It’s fantastic, mind blowing, transporting. And when I think it couldn’t get better, he began to wiggle his fingers against my G-spot. I can’t even describe it: Thermonuclear orgasmic oblivion.

Time passes in a blur …. somehow, my body knows when it is time to stop fisting. With a signal, his hand is slowly reborn from my body. I want cock now and I tell him. He penetrates me with his madly hard cock and the orgasms continue like galaxies of stars hurtling through the light of blind sensation. His cock is not as big as his hand, but he aims, and keeps knocking, knocking, knocking relentlessly on my G-spot ‒ I’m gasping in eternal continuous orgasm. Eventually, we find ourselves motionless and recuperating. Even then my fingers find their way to the root of my pleasure and I work a little magic on myself. Then he’s back and I ride him like wild horse, orgasming in a single contiguous stream until I fear I will faint.

We passed out. Today, I’ve written this entry. Reliving last night has left me with an insatiable desire to do it again. Right now. I want to feel as if the hand of god is inside me. He refuses, says it’s too soon and I need to recover. I know it’s true and if we do this too much, it will be days before we can fuck again. But still … I’m hungry and empty. I want more.



I always worry that fisting will make me wide and I often ask him if I’m getting loose. According to him my pussy is like a vice. He said that last night that after our fisting and during our fucking, my pussy squeezed so tightly that if it hadn’t been for the extra lube in me, I would have hurt his cock. Sometimes, when he has his hand buried in my body, he’ll tell me to stop squeezing ‒ apparently I can be quite the knuckle-breaker if his hand is in the right position. Vaginas are muscles that get stronger and more limber with exercise. I love working out.

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2/27/2005 7:58 am

Really hot

Erik_Bloodaxe 58M

3/1/2005 4:14 pm

Wow!!! I am hooked..........

Erik The Innocent

Erik_Bloodaxe 58M

3/15/2005 7:52 am

Nino....awaiting your next blog entry. Its been a while

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4/5/2005 6:59 am

i fist my wife she loves it never had a problem with a pussy to loose its great

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4/30/2005 1:54 pm

I would love yo find a woman who could take my fist. My ex-wife almost could take it but she has a huge hole and it was fun trying.

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4/30/2005 1:56 pm

would love to get my fist up that lovely twat sounds soooo hot.

65sandj67 53M/50F

9/4/2006 3:09 am

that was awesome! what an incredible tale, so incredible in fact that we relived it ourselves tonight. fisted for the first time! amazing, J has never had such a powerful orgasm and i didnt think i was going to ever stop cumming all over her gorgeous chest! thanks again! we should try this together soon!

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11/15/2006 4:19 am

This is something I have always wanted to try, but I have never found a woman who can fit my hand inside her.
hope you will give me the chance someday.

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