latex lacerations  

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2/16/2005 9:39 pm

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latex lacerations

First, the scene:

My husband and I both have some latex duds. I have a bright red long-sleeve top and skirt. Black laces run down the complete length on the backsides, and zippers run the complete length of the fronts. Hubby has a black T-shit and black pants ‒ very simple ‒ makes him look a little on the gay side.

We decided to take some sexy pictures last night. Latex is a little troublesome because it isn’t very comfortable and it’s a complete bitch to put on, at least for newbies like us. This time, we poured a substantial quantity of baby powder inside the clothes and it actually wasn’t too hard to get dressed. Then we polished, buffed, and spritzed ourselves to a glossy rubbery perfection.

My butt, a round red cherry, glistened over my knee high leather boots. My breasts squeezed and compressed into a position which revealed more cleavage than I knew I had. As for him, he looks more cute than sexy in latex ‒ rather than transforming into a borgish uber-perv, he looks like a little doll. It isn’t a bad thing ‒ he looks fun to play with and I bet many ladies would love to touch him in his latex skin.

OK, the scene is set, now the yummy part:

We were almost done taking pictures (I was behind the camera). His pants have a double zipper that runs from his belly to his ass. He unzipped the back zipper so that just his balls and butt were showing. I said, “Be careful…” I was worried, and with good reason: he lay on the bed his pants half unzipped; I readied the camera; he lifted a knee; and then “zzzzzzzzzipppp” … “yeaow!!”. The zipper had suddenly unzipped ripping a bit of scrotal skin as it went. In a moment, blood started emerging from his wound.

I can only imagine the pain. Our photo shoot ended and he said “I guess we won’t fuck tonight!”

* * *

Well, we fucked later anyway.

Is there anything we learned from this accident? For me, I discovered just how strong a power lust is for men ‒ bleeding balls have no sway over a horny cock. For him, I’m not sure. I hope he learned to never underestimate the power of elasticity.

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3/4/2005 3:22 am


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3/14/2010 10:21 am

Love the picture in my mind this scene creates. I love latex and boots and sexy outfits. Sounds like a ton of fun!

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