what to do what to do in that old theatre  

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7/8/2005 11:00 pm

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what to do what to do in that old theatre

It was an old theatre, it had seen better days, yet remained open by running themed movie marathons…though for tonight’s B movie horror show it was a bust…all total I was alone with 4 guys and 1 other woman…the guys were together but for the most part we were spread out all throughout the theatre…when 10 minutes into the first flick- the silence was broken by a cell phone ringing- on of the teens answered it after a few quick words he looked around apologetically-returning to the movie not 5 minutes past before a rowdy group walked in, there were 7 guys and 2 women….looking around they spilt into 3 groups, 4& 3 guys and the 2 women

the lights dimmed as the movie began and though I hated it I was alone...watching the most romantic film of the year….20 minutes into the film a crowd of drunken guys came into the nearer empty theatre…the group of 4 sits near me- I ignore them as they are a safe distance from me and talking to themselves like they have not seen me- or so I thought- 20 minutes nothing-30 minutes past that is when it started- that’s when I felt them, the hands- creeping over my thigh- around my breasts- through my hair- one hand went swiftly to cover my mouth, stifling my cry of distress-“Stop- Silence ‒ Enjoy or the teen DIE” the voice whispered- his free hand pointed to where the 2 women were behind the boys and the guns they were playing with in their hands- I shuttered- closing my eyes- softly nodding- “that’s it” he said “be a good girl and play with us” sliding his free hand over my shoulders to fondle my breasts “ don’t fight- enjoy” his fingers began pinching my breasts while the guy seated in front turned around to show me he had been stroking his cock the whole time- I glance to the other woman in the theatre in time to see her ass impaled on a cock- while another was in her mouth ‒ the two to my sides begin helping the rear man remove or display my clothing- pushing my skirt up- my top down- my bra removed falls to the floor and my thong is ripped off- lifting me up the rear guy slides into my seat his legs sliding between mine forcing me to straddle him- “lean her forward” he says his hand slipping through my legs while the side two fondle- suck- lick- caress my breasts- the rear one rubs his fingers over my pussy- stroking it feeling the slickness at the nub-he laughs in delight at how ready I feel- inwardly I curse at myself- “ yes my friends I like this one”- inserting a finger then another followed by a 3 and 4th- pumping them in and out soft and hard-I moaned- hearing it he laughed “ yes ‒ feast she’s ready- I think this will be a great night for all” he said- at the command the front man grabbed my head, licking his lips ‒ kissing me then shoved his huge hard cock deep down my throat… the side mean licked and sucked my beast running their fingers into my dripping pussy juice…licking them- the rear man laughed swiftly withdrawing his fingers and entering me before I could register the change- as they got a rhythm down ‒ I wondered why no-one was coming to help- after all they guys weren’t being very quiet with their grunts and moans- glancing toward the exit I saw nothing- but when I looked at the boys I saw the 2 women who had earlier threatened them fucking them- Gods I thought they lied- I felt the kisses on my back- the touches allover my body-knowing it was wrong I gave myself over to the pleasure- letting them fuck me raw- wondering at the flexibility of the side two as their turn came and the laid me sideways on the rears legs- one fucking my pussy the other my mouth as each were on bended knee- how the front man took me standing while I was sucking the rear off flipping me for the finish my breast high in the air as I was straddling the rear guys as he took me again- my head throw back as the front guy fuck my mouth again…it all happened in a blur of please and delight…I had climax after climax and still would have begged for more if I could have talked- when they were satisfied the rear man whispered to me “see I told you relax you would enjoy it” laughing softly he kissed my forehead as they left
the woman from the side came over toward me asking does that happen every week her eyes wide with delight and pleasure- another closet sexuality I though- I replied to her question sometimes you gotta show and watch to see to which the teens walking up the aisle smiled.

i would love any reviews
hope to have a few more finished soon

rm_jascha1012 31M

7/9/2005 4:34 am

Love your Story!!! Sex in an old Theatre is just awesome!!! Always loved a rocking going in the old chairs...But unfortunately never had Gangbang with Strangers there, guess Women are somewhat shy about it. At least in Theatres.

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7/9/2005 5:48 am


sailmaster004 38M
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7/16/2005 8:14 pm

Wow you had me going. I would like to hear more from you.

WoundFossaTinge 39M

6/8/2007 3:40 pm

Wow, this was a great story... can't wait to catch up and read the rest...

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