Nectaring-Session of Oceania  

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6/23/2006 3:21 am
Nectaring-Session of Oceania

While Oceania's long, beautiful arms, lightly bound, and stretched above her quiver, her damp breasts rock gently with each sharp sigh, and are squeezed upwards, crowned with expanded, bright, and radiating jewels within the silken open tipped bra. As her ass rises then settles, through the sweltering, delicious, cycles of pleasure, she trembles, straining to maintain her focus as Summer guides her through her bliss.

As Oceania straddles Rick, she watches in disoriented, detached, fascination as her engorged, soaked pussy, reflected and magnified in a clear, round, well positioned mirror, methodically swallows and releases her lovers magnificently ripe and endlessly erect shaft along with the strange arrangement of soft tubing connected to it's throbbing side. Beside her on the bed lies a crystal challis of warmed liquid, honey colored and scented connected to the side of her lovers cockring and up his stiff shaft by several lengths of golden tubing whose soft, rounded , open endings lie fixed to a narrow tickling sheath wrapped just beneath the swollen head of his cock. At points Summer squeezes a soft bulb drawing the contents of the challis up and through the tubing and sending shock-waves of liquid pleasure out through it's tip near the glans of her lovers cock rocking Oceania's pussy with delicious additions to her now nearly unceasing contractions.

Oceania is being allowed only the slowest of movements, a snails pace up and down his slick aching rod. Her warm mouth, soft parted lips, and open tongue receive the wet exploring of Summer's deepening kisses. And once again now she is struggling, fighting to relax, to shift these rising contractions aside, and to somehow breath her way through the pleasure, fighting with and within the hazy golden electric field of another approaching orgasm. "Another?", somewhere in the distance of her mind the question hangs like a rain drop momentarily clinging to a leaf. As Oceania's deep, full sighs fill the room Summer's soft hands continue to coax and pull at Oceania's nipples, milking them in rhythm to her measures around the cock while she softly rolls Oceania's large swollen clit under her warm fragranced palm.

As a toy begins to hum and dance in Oceania's ass, her pussy, steaming from endless repeated contractions releases a silky cream which, churned by her lovings friction to a light froth, coats her sweet pussy lips, the base of her lovers cock, then meringue like, dances down in peaked rivulets, covering and nearly concealing his balls. Bit's of this aromatic froth cling to Oceania's bloated nipples, melting in shimmering strands and arching to the long fingers and palms of Summers hands. Oceania has 'nearly come', then not come, sixty times or more.

Her lover, sweating, with thick cock-ringed erection, eyes back, lost in bliss, can only moan as Summer carefully massages his balls and scrotum and methodically, lovingly applies several soft wet hot-pads and then ice cold compact pads to his near bursting nut, slowly alternating them, helping him build the huge and steaming man load which Oceania deliciously looks forward to being rocked and soaked in. Summers sweet manipulations draw a continous stream of this slick pre-cum from him which is forced up and out of his aching sacs and which endlessly pours through the pulsing tip of his now uncomfortably hardened cock. In the intense pressures of it's sweet confinement this hot, intensified man juice sends delicate shivers through Oceanias opened pussy as the slick male essence allows her to feel the patterns of her lovers bulging cock glans as it traces the pleated walls of her steaming pussy in a near animalistic, relentless and tireless fuck grind. Occasionally on his long, slow, and suctioning ultra-soaked down strokes Summer gently tests the hardness of his cock, carefully wrapping her long fingers and palm or her beautiful mouth around it's expanded girth, then tightening her hold, gauging it's cockringed pressure, sensing its arousal .

At points she checks on Oceania's beautifully distended clit. She makes small adjustments in the fit of his cockring and she teases Oceania's clit inviting it out from beneath it's hood with gentle fingering or with soft and deft clit vibes while she sucks at Oceania's breasts bringing them to engorged and sharpend points while gently reving the small egg vibe that's twisting and humming in Oceania perfect ass Benda also samples resulting union of the two lovers hot juices, inhaling and tasting the ambroisia and moving the sweet nectar off to the top of her wand vibe which she then applies to her own soaked mound. Summer, smiling, aroused, but casual, patiently and carefully continues the explorations of Oceania's nipples,clit, mouth, body, and being, stopping at points, shifting, regarding her charge, then continuing her artistry.

During each of Oceania's contractions Summer carefully squeezes the small bulb, again pumping warmed fluid up the tubing nestled along her lovers glistening cock. Moving through the core of Oceania's being it absorbs her rich Amrita and and then drains as the bulbs suction pulls it through the openings in her lovers cockring, finding it's way back to the crystal challis where it will be pumped through Oceania again and again during each of her increasingly more powerful preclimaxes. Occasionally the sharp whip stroke of a thin cane awakens Oceania's ass sending tremors of pleasure through out her body setting new fires in her throbbing nipples and clit. Meanwhile a large pool of Oceania's sweet Amritic soak, mingled with the hot leaking effusions of her lovers dribbling cock has moved out across the floral print, deepening the woven contrasts beneath his balls, and on across the bed. The ticking of the wall clock has now slowed to a crawl as an atmosphere of warm dense fog, heavy with azure's and the perfumes of unsettled desire saturates the room. This time however, although she has resisted, she has fallen, and has been drawn too far down into the endless golden aura to possibly wrench herself free. As her mind flails Oceania knows she is lost, that nothing she can do here will stop her slide into climax. Suddenly freed she is violently contracting and dilating. Her pussy, tight, fattened, and hot, releases then squeezes relentlessly , involuntarilly over and over around his rock hard shaft and bulging glans.

Hot, thick welts of Oceania's abundant cream shoot forcefully, silently, against her lovers sweating balls then pulse in thin, wet, braided jets of slick across his legs and spray a pattern of droplets against the leaves of a plant at the far end of the bed. Summer, transiting quickly, locks her open mouth to Oceania's own, inhaling the sweet perfume of her relentless emotions, then gracefully, deftly, increases and varies the pressures and movements across her body, expertly rolling Oceania's clit, "milking" her nipples, and deep kissing her mouth, forcing , snapping, the brilliant whip strokes of sharpened pleasure against the desperately softened, responsive, and opened walls of Oceania's drowning mind. As she dilates and contracts, lost in one continuous orgasm . Rick, who's shaft Summer has quickly released from the confinements and tension of the cockring is now primed for his own animal cum.

With a knowing smile Summer flicks the switch on a slim ass vibe buried in his butt which rests snugly against his swollen prostate. He begins an immiediate involuntary and massive cum pumping with Summers warm hands massaging his balls as Oceania's climaxing pussy coax huge thick loads of steaming jelly up the inside of his exploding cock meat. This endless river of hot shimmering slime gushes deep into Oceania's burning core, lubricating her as her ever tightening contractions now barely allow any movement over his monstrously engorged shaft. Oceania is locked in a rigid pose, her face a tightened mask, her body coated in a light film of sweat and lovingly applied precum and vibrating from head to toe she is now cumming harder and longer than she's ever cum before in her entire life. Summer, who's eyes are riveted by the powerful sight of Oceania's beautiful climax, and hearing what has become one long animal moan, feels Oceania's tightened and solid clit retracting and expanding beneath her finger, rapidly squeezing and relaxing beneath it's delicate hood, and dropping pearly beads of cum and sweat at each of it's winces. As the tip of Summers powerful vibe locks to the swollen meat of Oceania pulsing and stunningly huge clit she fully opens and abandons herself to become one with and submerged within a vortex of blinding light and pleasure, and she begins a cry she dosen't hear. Summer seeing the challis is nearly full now pumps slowly on the bulb as she slowly also massages free the last wet spurts of cum from the balls of Oceania's lover. She holds Oceania gently rocking her, allowing her continued ride along her lovers draining shaft, keeping her from total collapse, and bringing Oceania's erotic Worship session to it's close.

The crystal challis is now brimmed with Oceania's richest most potent Amrita, the distilled nectar and essence of her hot sweet femininity, a liquid source of her healing, rejuvenating, and erotic powers. Later Oceania will use it to create perfumes, lamp oils and massage oils for healing, intoxicating, and arousing her devoted lovers even as they are miles apart

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