thoughts of lost days  

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thoughts of lost days

“She was lying there asleep”

she was lying there asleep
in his bed
tired from the midnight drive
he had planned on an early morning fishing trip
but as it sometimes happens
the seas were too ruff
even the bay area seem to know
that she was there

she loves the clouds
the stormy skies
so they seem to follow her
and that he didn’t mind
for if the stormy skies came with her
they would just make love in the rain
it was all the same to him
hot, cold, wet, whatever
he just wanted her there
there, all the time
smelling her,
breathing her,
her air, her thoughts,
her there with him,
with himmm,
sucking the life out of him
in a way,
that no one,
had ever done.
at least not in a long time,
so long,
he had forgotten
had only talked
or wrote about it,
not sensed it,
not experience it,
God,,,,, not like this.

it was called consumption,
a disease in the olden days
but now, an expression
that only a few, lucky, compassionate people
could understand
for if something brings
two people together
let no man put asunder,

isn’t that what God said!

So where was God now
had he placed her here
on his bed
laying on her back
with covers slipped away
oh God, she was so naked

or maybe it was the Devil
maybe not God, at all

he remember that she had spoken of the married minister
and how she could not understand
how a man of God, married, would have
been attracted to her
so now she thought she might
actually be of the devil
to have attracted,
this man of God
in the way he had expressed
his desires

she really was so innocent
in her own thoughts
she had no idea
no realization of the
true God forsaken world
and what men really thought

it didn’t matter
the Devil,
it was so fucking consuming
no man could have said no
and he didn’t intend too.

he new her nature
and it was of a fire descent
so covers were only temporary for her
maybe that is why she longed for the clouds
and rainy skies
something to put the fire out

but he was there now
and he could calm the fire
he could ease the ach
that burned so deep within her
for she was a true child of the fire

there was no part,
of her body
that did not burn
so with his every touch
he knew
she would cum
and there was nothing
she could do
nothing at all
to stop it

that was her alcohol
it intoxicated him
her response to his touch
it was intense
and in itself
so fucking consuming

he eased towards her side
just ever so slightly
as not to awaken her
from her dream

his finger touch her left nipple
so slightly
she loved his gentleness
for a child of fire
welcomed a calm tender touch
and that he could do so well

as he just barely touch
her nipple
it hardened
and became his

she stirred
just slightly
and he touch her right breast
cupped it and teased her nipple
then she moaned, softly

he knew she was going to cum
even in her sleep
she was all his

he took his tongue
slowly ran it across her breast,
the moist, teasing sensation
was all she could stand

her back arched just slightly
she moaned, then came in her sleep

this awakened her
and just as she became aware of him
his hand was slowly
running the length
of her body,
he moved his hand
down her side
over her hips
slowly from her hips
to her leg
he ran his hand
down the outside of
her leg
just over the knee
he drew inward
and slowly starting moving his hand
up her inter thigh

her legs were closed
not completely
but enough
that he knew
she was aching
aching bad

so he ever so slowly
moved his hand
gently up her inter thigh

and as he done so
he suck, hard on her nipples
and she moaned
he licked, sucked and licked more
still with his hand on her thigh
never yet touching that place of fire

she moaned….
and begged…..
for relief
from him,
his cock, pleaseee…fuck me
but he wouldn’t

he loved teasing her
he knew she had trouble asking for it
she would never easily tell him what she wanted
soooo, for that she had to pay
she was going to have to learn
to tell him just exactly
what she wanted
because that is what he wanted to hear

he wanted her to beg for his hard cock
he wanted her to tell him constantly
what he should be doing to her wet pussy
what was it
that hot cunt wanted
and his cock
how bad she wanted to suck his cock…
she loved it
he had never know
anyone that loved to suck cock
like her
it was as if it was the most delicious
item on the menu
maybe the only item on the menu

he slipped his finger
slowly in her wet pussy
and she moaned
her cunt tightened
and she came

by now his cock was so hard
he could hardly stand it
he held back the explosion
he wanted to enjoy every moment of her

he began finger fucking her slowly
and she cam
and over
and over……

begging him to stop
begging him for more
begging for his cock

he could wait no longer
and slowly eased on top of her
sliding his trobbing, long, hard shaft
into her
she wiggled and moaned
and he felt the fire from her
and it was as if he had finally meet the devil
finally slipped into the pits of hell

he slid his cock
in and out of her pussy
teasing her with his head
then thrusting deep into her
she moaned
and her cunt tighted
this time with and extreme intensity
she was cumming
she moaned again
her eyes meet his
he knew then
she was truly his
she knew who was fucking her
there was no denying it
she loved him to fuck her
she loved his cock and every inch of it
there eyes meet and they came

he moaned
as the explosion ripped his body
as no other explosion had
she knew he was hers
then, she smiled………..

by MB @ copy write 2005

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3/31/2005 10:43 am

i can really relate to this its erotic n aturn on to have that control


3/31/2005 2:49 pm

A truly erotic story, the greatest fishing trip story i have ever heard.

Luke199943 67M

4/1/2005 5:56 am

Very sensual story. Perhaps call her and take the day off!!

carmel1950 70M

4/12/2005 7:18 pm

A beautiful story of prose that ranks a senual quality at its zenith.

LOvE it. will

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