the aching was so strong now  

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4/2/2005 1:22 pm

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11/19/2006 7:25 pm

the aching was so strong now

the aching was so strong now
just out of the blue
mid-day without a warning
damn, and on a Friday too.

as she stood there in her house
at the bar area that overlooked
her great room from the kitchen
standing there
typing on the computer
responding to email
both personal and business
taking calls and working deals

ohhh… it hit again
then she felt a trickle of wetness
between her legs
between her lips
that moistness at the tip of
her clit
that seemed to seep up like
early morning dew

uhhh…maybe she should sit down
on the bar stool
maybe that would calm it
or at least she could type
and scrim around at the same time
to try and get some kind of relief,
calm that moist, wet, hot cunt
that just kept on aching

she took her pants off
to expose her white lacy panties
her girly panties
they fit snug against her pussy
and when she wiggled the seam
of her lacy white panties would
press between her lips, rubbing on
her clit and making her so very wet

so she did sit
wiggled her ass until her panties
where positioned just right
god that felt good,
took a sip of wine
while thinking
“how nice it was that she was an adult
and could make her own choices now”….
so, if she choose to come home at lunch
and have a glass of wine…
then she could do so
and if she choice to fuck someone
then she could do so

uhhh….there it was again
that word, “fuck”
such a bad word, per her mother many
years ago
“only bad girls use words like that”
is what she had been taught early on
but she wasn’t so sure about that anymore
she loved saying that word, “fuck”
it meant she was defying her mother
to say the least

and it stirred something
inside of her, “fuck”,
yes, it was a good word
a simple four letter word that said it all

so what had sparked this damn aching
god, she wish she could get it under control
she stayed wet, it didn’t matter, wet, wet and more wet
because all she thought about outside of her business
was “fucking”, ahhh…bad girl, there was that word again

but that’s what she needed
to be fucked
and fucked hard,
uhhh, no, not hard at first
maybe teased at first
then ease that hard cock in real slow,
long hard cock, in and out
innn and outtt,
innnnn and outttt…..
ahh, that’s right rub that wet clit
can’t have the real thing
so just rub it till you cum, baby
and so she did…………..

Dominant_Daddy 64M
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5/27/2005 2:48 am

Love your writing....Promise to lick and sooth your aching clit.,,,Daddy

licketyclit22 64M
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12/3/2005 6:18 pm

We can only be glad after we meet that the the walls can't talk.

sticky5522 51M
38 posts
11/18/2006 9:09 am

it wonderful than it reads.Still would love to feel it alive with warm and scent.

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