The Black SUV  

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The Black SUV

Here is another custom written story for an AdultFriendFinder member. She wanted 3 guys in a Black SUV with tinted windows. I made up the rest. Thanks for the positive feedback on the first story. I would not have written another without the encouragement I have received from AdultFriendFinder members I don't know.

Hanna was on her way home. She was not in a good mood. She was supposed to have a date tonight with this guy she met on-line, but he'd just called to say he met somebody else and he would not be seeing her. She was angry, and ended up having a fight with her boss, who retaliated by nitpicking her report, and telling her to rewrite it. She elected to go home instead. She got out onto Pennsylvania Avenue and it started to rain. Not a soft spring rain, this was monsoon kind of rain. She was soaked in an instant and she did not have an umbrella. Now Hanna was a strong willed woman who valued her independence and felt up to most challenges in life. In her 35 years, she had over come a lot of problems, but today was one of those days that you just could not over come. The phrase when it rains it pours crossed her mind as she stood on the corner of 13th and Pennsylvania as her sundress got soaking wet...

Special Agent In-Charge Roberts was having a good day on the other hand. The doldrums from his divorce were finally lifting, his attention to detail was definitely appreciated by the Secret Service, and today was his 2nd month after being reassigned from counterfeiting to protection. He
started out protecting the foreign VIP's and had just ended their shift with the Education Minister from Yemen who had just wrapped up a photo-op at the White House. Roberts and his team escorted him back to the hotel and were now off duty. Roberts could not help but think what a step up his new assignment was. Three months ago, he was hunting college kids with color printers trying to make beer money, and now he was in the nations capital protecting dignitaries. It felt good to being an important job and doing it well. Agent Roberts also was having a good day because his team was finally coming together. Special Agent Sanders and Special Agent Hernandez were good workers and despite their different backgrounds the team had really come together over the past 6 months. They all were in a good mood cause it was fun to be the protection guys, even if it was only somebody from Yemen...

Agent Sanders was driving, per usual. He seemed to like to drive the massive armored black Chevy Suburban with tinted windows. Agent Hernandez was riding shotgun, and Roberts was in the back. He liked sitting in the back cause he had control over the agents up front, and still had time to check out the women on the street. The Suburban was so high up,he really got a great angle, and with the tinted windows he knew, nobody could tell he was looking at their tits. It had just started to rain and was really pouring by the time they got to Pennsylvania Avenue. God what a mess. Roberts was happy he was not one of poor folks trying to make it to the metro in this rain. As they cruised up Penn, they had to stop at the light at 14th. Roberts looked out the window and saw a woman standing on the corner under a tree on the edge of Freedom Plaza (For those of you who don't know, almost every shot you've ever seen of a reporter with the Capital Building in the background was shot from Freedom Plaza). The woman looked miserable. She appeared to be quite pretty with brown shoulder length hair, and a slender athletic build. She did not have an umbrella and was not dressed for the rain, having only a sundress. There was something about her and her situation that made him do the unpredictable. and called out "Hold up a minute Sanders! Turn on the lights". Agent Sanders did as he was told and turned on the red and blue flashing lights built into the headlights and rear windows of the SUV, and asked "What's up". Roberts did not answer, but grabbed the huge black umbrella they had for keeping VIP's out of the rain and opened the door. Roberts mused about how everything the Secret Service used seemed to be big and black, the cars, the umbrellas, and their guns all seemed to fit that pattern... What was up with that? He entertained this thought for just a minute before opened the umbrella and stepped over to where Hanna was sheltering under the tree....

As Roberts approached, he knew one of the things that had made him act impulsively was that this woman was just hot. She was very nicely proportioned with a thin waist and nice hips which was always a turn on for the special agent. Her breasts were not large, but were in proportion to her
body so they looked quite nice. None of this observation was reflected in his professional manor when he addressed her however, “Miss, Can I help you?” Hanna who was lost in her thoughts about what a miserable day it had turned out to be, did not even notice his approach, so she was slightly startled to find that somebody was talking to her. “No, Thank you, I’m just fine” she said positively, with all the sincerity she could muster. Yet it sounded just a little hollow given just how hard it was raining. They both new she could use a little help and that she was just being polite. Agent Roberts said “Miss, really its no trouble at all, we can give you a ride. I’m Special Agent Roberts with the Secret Service and I’ll make sure you get home OK” Hanna had her pride, and a city girl’s wariness of strangers in cars with tinted windows, but she really felt at wits end, and agent Robert’s offer of assistance was starting to wear down her resistance. “Please I don’t want to be any trouble” she said which was her way of saying, I’m ready to give in if you really don’t mind the extra effort. “No problem at all miss, that’s what we do” Agent Roberts did not know why he said that cause he could be fired for putting a civilian in his SUV, but he felt like he had to do something, so he took the risk. That’s how it all got started…

“Agents, this lady needs a ride home” Roberts announced. Sanders and Hernandez both looked back and did a double take. Wow this girl was a looker! And was it their imagination, or could they see her nipples through the wet dress? Yep they definitely could. Wow, this is not bad duty! Even Agent Roberts could not help but notice the two pink buds that were standing out from her chest. Her dress was slicked down like a second skin, so it was all but impossible not to notice. It seemed the only one who did not notice was Hanna…

Hanna was still a little out of sorts from being all wet, and was really amazed at how isolated the inside of the SUV was from the rest of the world. She was high up off the ground, the windows were heavily tinted and the bulletproof glass was so heavy, almost no sound came in from outside. Boy they could do anything to her in here and nobody would ever know. The thought actually thrilled her a bit. Here she was being helped by three young attractive men, and in the process she had inadvertently become vulnerable to the whims of the three men. Knowledge that she was basically safe cause they were Secret Service guys, but at the same time could indulge herself a little in feeling scared at the situation was really quite a turn on, one she had never experienced before.

It was only after this whole string of thoughts had played out in her mind that she became aware of the three men staring at her, or rather at her tits. “Oh God” she thought, I did not wear a bra today, and they can see my nipples. I can feel how hard they are, and I know that guys always notice them, cause they are so big when they get hard. She figured there was little to do that would not draw more attention to her little pink buds, so she had to just pretend that nothing was happening. In fact what was happening was she realized that the feeling of being vulnerable but safe was mixing with the embarrassment of being semi-exposed into an intoxicating cocktale that suddenly had her pussy throbbing. She could feel her heart racing in response to the idea that her pussy was directing her to. “Do It” her pussy was saying, “you’ve always wanted to do three guys at once". Her mind was following a more rational line, but with the same result. "You are 35, so you are old enough to make decisions like this without regret, and besides, who would know? They are SECRET Service guys after all, I’m sure they don’t kiss and tell” she thought playfully.

The SUV had started up and they were driving up 14th Street at this point. Hanna knew the time was now if she was going to do this at all, so she abruptly stood up, slipped the straps of her sundress over her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. She was naked except for the black G-string she wore. "Shit" said agent Roberts who was completely surprised by this turn of events and dumb struck as to what else to say. Hanna turned to him and said, "Sorry, the clothing was just too wet, so I had to get rid of it. With that she slid off her thong and was totally naked. What a thrill it was to be naked in front of 3 nice hot guys that she did not know in a SUV 2 blocks from the White House. The thrill of being so naughty was an aphrodisiac and her cunt really started to get wet. Her heart was racing because she was afraid the agents would say no out of concern for their jobs. She had to get them involved before they had time to decide this was a bad idea. "Um, do you have any towels?" she asked in her best seductive voice. All three agents immediately started looking around for something to dry her off with, but could not find anything. She knew what she wanted however, and took the next step. "please, Mr. Agent, can you dry me off with your shirt? I'm really starting to get cold. I mean look at my nipples!" Of course the request to look at her nipples was completely unnecessary as all three guys knew exactly what they were doing at any given minute, but Agent Roberts responded by taking off his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. He knew what he was doing was the start of something that he might regret, but he suddenly found himself aroused beyond control by this woman who had been so helpless one minute and now had three grown men wrapped around her finger.

Off came his shirt to reveal his well muscled chest. He was required to stay in good shape for the job and he had the body to show for it, even though he was 45. He handed her his shirt, but she said, "Can you do it for me? I think I'd like that" and smiled at with a come-hither look. He knew he should not, but she was hot, and was offering herself up to him. Tentatively he began to rub his shirt across her arms then around her back. She quickly turn around so he was working on her front and he could not help but brush against her nipple. It felt like an electric shock to both of them when he did. She moaned and he pulled his hand away. She said "It's OK they are very sensitive, but I don't mind. It really felt good to be honest". Slowly his hands went back to her nipple and he touched it again very gently. She moaned again and pushed her tit further into his hand. She put her right hand onto his arm and began to caress his skin. She was really turned on, and wanted this to go further and faster.

It seemed that Agent Sanders wanted to go a little further and faster too as he had turned the SUV around and was heading toward the river. He had a good location in mind for what was to come next. Agent Hernandez was just taking it all in and was getting very excited, not sure how this was going to end up. Hanna and Agent Roberts were really warming to their new relationship with Agent Roberts playing with both nipples and Hanna moaning up a storm while rubbing the agent's arms. She said in a low voice, that could be clearly heard in the front seat "Pinch them hard, it always makes me cum". Agent Roberts did just that and squeezed down hard on the rubbery pink nubs in his fingers. Hanna let out a low moan, twitched twice, panted a little and then paused. Agent Roberts pinched her hard again, and this second pinch broke the dam. She screamed out loud and fell into his arms as her hips rolled and thrust in orgasm. She looked up at the agent holding her and said "Give me your cock. I want it in me, NOW" Without giving it a second thought, Agent Roberts unzipped his pants and dropped them and his boxers in one go. His cock stood out hard 6 inches long and thick, clearly ready for some pussy. Hanna lay down on the seat (good thing these SUV's were so damn big!) and spread her legs wide. One leg was on the floor, the other was over the seat back. Agent Roberts could see her neatly trimmed cunt engorged with blood and dripping wet. He thought what a beautiful sight it was for a man to see, measuring her desire with his own eyes. Not waiting a minute longer, He put his cock head at the mouth of her pussy and slide in. He went in slow, fearful that he would hurt her, but she was so wet, he had nothing to worry about. He slid in all the way and moaned "Oh, god you feel good..."

Agent Hernandez just could not belive his eyes. This little girl had just taken all that cock without so much as a whimper. Clearly she was a sexual woman and he wanted a piece of that. He cock was aching, so he unzipped his pants and played with his cock a bit while waiting for an opportunity to get it on with the Girl. His moment would come soon as they had just rolled into the parking lot at the Kennedy Center. It was a Monday night and there was nothing happening here, so it was fairly deserted. Everyone recognized the government SUV with tinted windows as somebody on official business and not somebody to be messed around with, so though there were people around, nobody paid any attention to them. Agent Sanders turned off the engine, and turned around to fully take in what he had only seen in the mirrors before. He could really not belive it, as Agent Roberts and Hanna were going at it like there was no tomorrow. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK was the sound he and Hernandez heard as the two bodies came together fast and hard. Agent Roberts was holding onto the seat with his left hand and was pinching her nipple with the right. Every time he pinched, she moaned. About every third pinch, she came, and every couple of moments she had a bigger cum that tensed her whole body up as she exploded.

Hanna was loving this. She had always wanted to have somebody watch her fuck and now she was getting her wish. This guy was a good fuck and he was such a nice guy which made it even better. She'd always wanted to do 2 or 3 guys at the same time to see what it was like. It seemed the two guys up front were just going to watch, so she would need to do something fast, before the agent who was fucking her came. She said "More, More, More" which was all she could say at the moment. Roberts thought she wanted him to go faster and harder so he tried to comply with her wishes. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK they went again at double time. Hanna kept cumming, but knew this was not all she wanted. She managed to gasp out "NO, More COCK!" and looked over at Hernandez and Sanders pleadingly.

Without saying a word the two agents stripped. Soon Hanna was faced with two new cocks to consider. Hernandez was short and very thick. Sanders was huge easily 9 inches but not as thick as the other agents. Agent Roberts, always the gentleman, slowed his thrusts almost to a stop and said "who do you want where?" Hanna thought for a moment, then said indicated that she wanted Jackson to sit on the bench where she'd been fucked just a moment before and when he was settled, she quickly impaled herself facing him, on his cock. She loved how full such a big cock made her cunt feel. It felt great. She then motioned for Hernandez to climb in the back so that his cock would be right at the level of her mouth as she hung over the seat. Agent Roberts knew where to stick his cock, up her ass, but knew he needed some lube. He looked around and finally found a tube of hand lotion one of the female agents had left behind. He dripped some on his cock and then stuck a finger up her ass to lube her back passage. She loved the nasty feeling of his finger penetrating her back door, knowing that this was the ultimate nasty sex that she had always wanted but was afraid to have, thinking her good girl self image would be shattered forever. "Well if that was how it was going to be, bring it on" she thought and thrust her ass back toward Agent Roberts as his cock slowly started to spread her anus. In the mean time Agent Sanders was amusing himself sucking on her luscious nipples since he did not want to move around a lot while the anal action got started. Agent Hernandez was having a blast feeding his cock into her little mouth. He could not believe that she could get her mouth around his cock, as most women just could not manage that, even though he was not all that long.

He could feel her moan against his cock as Agent Roberts bottomed out in her ass, and started to slowly pull out. Roberts and Sanders took a while to get a rhythm worked out, but once they did, it really became electric for all 4 of them. Sanders and Roberts could feel each other move through the thin piece of skin separating her pussy from her ass. It felt wrong and nasty, and they both loved it. Hernandez could see this all going on from his perch in the back seat while his cock was enjoying the sucking of a lifetime. Hanna, Well Hanna was just in heaven. She was coming constantly with the large cocks filling her holes, knowing that she would always remember this moment as she fucked and sucked three guys at once. She twisted and thrashed through orgasm after orgasm but she did not want it to end.

Roberts was reaching the end however as he'd been fucking her tight little pussy for a few minutes before he started the anal fuck. He knew he was going to cum soon, filling her ass with his seed. he loved a good ass fuck and really loved the idea that his cum would be inside her after he pulled out. He grabbed her ass hard with his hands, thrust against her violently several times and flooded her bowels with his load of cum. He hung on for another few seconds then slowly pulled out as Sanders and Hernandez kept going. Hernandez had always loved getting head and was really into seeing this hot chick so turned on. She knew how to relax her mouth, so he could just fuck it like it was a pussy and soon he too was cumming. She swallowed his load without a peep while looking him right in the eye the whole time.

Sanders was the last of the three to cum. he did not have to move much since the other two had been thrusting so hard, now that they were done, he grabbed her hips and started thrusting into her hard and fast. Again Hanna began to wail as it just felt so good. Sanders loved vocal women and her moans were just too much for him 30 seconds after she started really wailing, he was past the point of no return and was filling her pussy with his cum.

After he came, nobody talked for 10 or 15 minutes. Everyone just lay were they fell exhausted by the passionate sex they'd just had. Finally Agent Roberts said "Um Thanks, Where can we drop you off?" Hanna thought for a moment then said, "How about the nearest Metro stop?" They drove her over to Foggy Bottom where she slipped back into her damp dress gave them all a demure peck on the cheek and slipped out the side door. She did attract a little attention at first since she looked a little bit like she'd just been fucked for all she was worth, but people rushing to get home just chalked it up to their own horny desires, and made no connection to the black SUV with tinted windows that slowly pulled away from the curb...

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wow very nice story. so horny and hot.

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