slow, teasing, critical, exhaustion  

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3/28/2005 1:12 am

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slow, teasing, critical, exhaustion

Most guys see the outcome, what they want and head like a bull straight for it. Nothing wrong with being a bull, just isn't me.
Even eating my favorite foods, I savour the moment, the sweetness of the taste, the way the food changes texture on the tongue. Even anticipation can be full of explorative pleasures.

Every food has its own pleasures, its own method of preparation, its own optimum succulence. Food however can start being bland and loose some of its goodness if over cooked, but several extra hours of simmering on the edge can reveal otherwise unknown juices and pleasures - but practice is required, particularly in strained discipline - or it will burn or be ready too quick.

Icing however takes effort, lots of physical effort. You know the texture you want to achieve, but by this point every muscle in exhausted and screaming, but you can't give up now. Everything depends on this, everything is pushing to this. The heat of the kitchen in overwhelming, but you must beat on, concentrate on every last little bit and really put both your body and mind into it. Even as every muscle quivers under the strain, sustained endurance is required - and once completed - take a break - have some cherries - then onto the next, don't rush, take it easy....

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