The Rubber Dress  

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7/21/2005 10:07 am

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The Rubber Dress

The suit of rubber
strategically zipped
with eyelets of steel
for the rope to go though
keeping your arms above your head
and your legs spread wide
but you cannot move
even twinge
not even a little
as our hands run across you
feeling your wares
your head bound down
so you can only look up
you are not even sure
who is there
but the gentle touch
of the hands so erotic
against your rubber clad legs
naked feet and hands
you want to speak
say how you are feeling
but the light nylon rope in your mouth
restricts your tongue
you feel so helpless
so insecure
as the zip slides down
revealing your shaven pussy
you feel the gentle touch
of a tongue on your skin
and as it works it way
down your quickly swelling lips
you feel your juices flow
and smell your excitment
and then as you quiver
with each gentle lick
the familer smell of the lube cream
as the probe is prepared
you hear the other zip open
and feel the sweat drip
from your newly exposed ass
now desperately begging
for it
you try to respond
jerk your whole body
as it starts to slide in
slipping so gently
and as this happens
the tongue so expertly
as reached deeper inside
sucking your juices
you want to scream
expressing your feelings
but gagged and tied
you just lie there so willing
and after what seems
to be the longest eternity
of pleasure felt
so intensly
you feel the pulsating warmth
of a throbbing hard dick
sliding so tight
to violate deep inside you
and then without warning
the sharpness of cold ice
runs down your clit
swelling your lips
your mind so blown
you know not what to expect next
the thickness of rubber
making you sweat
is not sufficient enough
to deaden the pain
of the whip cracking against you
vibrating your ribcage
amplifying the sensation
you continue to feel
as the dick slides deeper
and the fingers start to probe
tantalizing your gspot
and teasing your clit
and even with all these emotions
and the smells so sweet
you hold yourself back
not letting yourself cum
even with the warm stickiness
of the fresh spunk shooting
so deep in your ass
you grip your teeth
and suffer the pain
to hold your self back
again and again
but there comes a point
where you body is so weak
and the inevitable happens
you reach that natural peak
and spray your fresh juices
over the face of the girl
licking you out so expertly
pressing your clit so hard
as your body jerks violently
against the bonds keeping you down
then holding your lips wide
she makes you cum again
like a red hot poker
rushing though your vulva
you express your juices
you could swear with some blood
as it seems to come from deep within you
direct from your being
even more so
as the huge rubber dildo
is rammed up your ass
at the most most perfect time
and as your relax
and try to wind down
you feel more hands on your body
ready to take you there again
but this time under the restrictions
of two other zips
your nipples are released
exposing them to the abuse
of the clambering fingers
and licking tongues
and as the next dick
finds it way home
and as the candles are lit
and the blindfold put on
the wax touching nipples
with ice not far behind
your relax in the anticipation
of the fucking to come
and you wonder how much your little body
could possibly withstand
but that is not your choice
its out of your control
as you surrendered to us
your deepest desires


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