Sexpost: Uncomfortable Pain and Helplessness  

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10/8/2005 12:59 am

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Sexpost: Uncomfortable Pain and Helplessness

Water to the Pain

I knew you felt so helpless
i could see that so much in your eyes
you trust me without question
no doubt deep in your heart
but i still scare you
push you a little over the edge
for you don't know what i'm going to to next
don't know how i will react
for today i am very angry
more hurt and dissapointed
you should have had more self control
than what you did
so now i have you restrained in front of me
gagged so you can whimper
not scream
hands tied, padlocked against your shoulder blades
the neck collar such a snug fit
with your jeans still on,
and a more than full bladder
you squirm uncomfortably
in your position
bent over, face down standing
gently swaying
as your legs so tired from waiting
soft words spoken
physiological teasing
just letting you know how i feel
and how deserving you really are
of the punishment being dished out to you
the humiliation, the discomfort, the pain
and as the bull whip lashes down on you
even through the jeans
it is most definitely pain
you try to hold your bladder the best you can
but the pain wrenches through your body
your muscles are not weak
but the pain, the sharp intensity so great
a clock ticks, three minutes left,
if you wet yourself now its the paddle,
you don't know what the card will show
for the next three minutes, you have to go,
]you think to yourself, maybe it's what you like
but there are so many ways of playing
the cat is soothing compared to the whip
unless lashed with force until you are bleeding
so another set of cards
dictate intensity
they to are turned by time
you know what you want
you try to hold out until then
but the whip is getting stronger by the time
your whimpers getting louder
but the look in your eyes tells me
the pleasure you are feeling
maybe some running water
maybe a cd of water effects
an aural torture of the senses
ice running down your neck, down your blouse
so sensuous to the touch
and ice pack against the bladder
maybe a little just too much
a short sharp shock form a modified tazer
across the hip, whipping the going
you hold onto your bladder so hard
but you know your starting to leak
then with a hard whip
a slash across your tight jeans
you let go
a i pull your hair back
and bit into your neck
pressing the palm of my hand
tightly onto yourself
intensifying the pleasure, the degradation the humiliation of the act.
So now wet, so soaking
the jeans absorbed all your worth
the whip cracks much harder, much sharper
cutting into you so tight
tightening ever so much
the seems cutting into you
as you wiggle with each strike
so what did the cards say?
Paddle, whip, cat or electro torture?
Gentle, heavy, hard or brutal
which is it to be.
The jeans rip off
pulled down so hard
your legs splayed
wide open
i taste your juices between your legs
because i want to
your quivering
deep excitement
the anticipation building so much inside of you
your breath so sharp, so short
then the sting
the leather against skin
as the cat rips through
your feelings
that bound to have cutting
that bound to have scared
but you trust me
not to harm you
it lashes against a different cheek
stinging sore - sharp, with aftershock
nipping the senses in your flesh
strike after strike
seemingly random positioning
a couple touches
of the tender area
sens you into spasm
you want to stop
rest - take a break
nurse the wounds you are feeling
but i won't let your rest
it's not your call
in the cards it was written
and anyway
you have been so bad, so naughty
and so need to be punished
your teeth clenched
each whimper louder
but i know the look in your eyes
of deep pleasure
you cant look down
you feel the moisture
running down your legs
is it sweat, or or sweet tasted urine
or juices from deep inside?
Maybe its blood
these lashes so strong
you bound to have been cut by now
you can barely stand
cant take anymore
the only relief, between the lashes
is my warm tongue pressing against your lips
sucking in your juices
gentle touches of fingers
against your skin
barely feeling
the the egg slips in
god what a feeling
i want you to hold back
as much as you can handle
no longer touching you,
just the sharp strike of the whipping
on which card will you cum?

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