Let me tell you a secret...  

rm_niblickVT 64M
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3/12/2006 6:09 am

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3/12/2006 6:11 am

Let me tell you a secret...

Being 52 is pretty cool.

Oh, for the purposes of this site, it's not. I'm sure I'd get a lot more responses and looks if I were 32 - just as I'm sure there are people out there who look at someone my age looking to get laid and go, "Eww! Daddy!" -or worse, "Grampa!"

I could let that bother me. I could get angry and say things like they don't know what they're missing. That I'm a much, much better lover now than I was at 32. That I know now how to control my needs and concentrate on theirs. That the most important asset in sex is a good imagination. That laughter and an orgasm have the same effect on the body and I can make them do both more than they'd dream. And yes, I could add the obligatory "I can still get it up as often as I want to".

I could say all of those things and you know what, they're all true. But it doesn't matter. If the big 5-0 is a dealbreaker for you then don't sweat it.

Because being 52 is pretty cool, no matter what anyone else thinks.

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