Sexy Story!!...  

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Sexy Story!!...

Names haev been changed X

"I didn't bring my swimsuit." Vicki repeated. It was probably the third time she made the same argument about why she couldn't get into the pool and still Paul and Amanda insisted she get into the water. Both of them were currently stripped down to their undergarments and lazily swimming around in the cool water, not that their clothing was doing much for their modesty.

Vicki could already see Paul's cock outlined by his soaked boxers. It brought back memories of their single heated encounter when she stared at the silhouette of his package. Right next to him stood the vixen currently in control of his heart and her best friend Amanda.

Amanda was dressed in a lavender bra and matching thong with a cat paw print on the crotch not that either were concealing her body much. Her dark brown nipples were clearly visible through the soaked fabric. At the same time Vicki could easily Amanda's pussy around her thong and of curse she had a great view of her cute ass every time she started swimming around the pool. "Nobody did, just get in." Amanda smiled splashing her best friend before lazily floating away in the pool.

They were all in Amanda's backyard and sitting around the spa where they had began empty beer bottles were scattered all around. A bottle of rum, half emptied, rested by the three. "If she doesn't want to get in, she doesn't have to." Paul teased wrapping his arms around Amanda's middle and gently kissing her on the cheek.

"No, it's no ok." Amanda replied pushing him away with her rear and swimming back over to Vicki. "If you don't get your ass in here right now I will pull you in with your cloths on.

"I'm not getting in." Vicki repeated stepping away from the pool.

Amanda frowned and climbed out of the water with following her friend. "What's up girl? I know you aren't nervous about being naked. Not you." Amanda teased tugging at her friend's shirt.

"I told you I don't have a swimsuit."

"Then skinny dip." Vicki's eyes widened at the idea.

"You're kidding." Amanda didn't answer; instead she reached behind her back and pulled unfastened her bra and tossed it aside then gripped her panties and slid out of them dropping them on the concrete. Amanda had always been an attractive woman with a slender waist and the wide hips that made every man's mouth water when they looked at her.

"Fine." Vicki pulled off her stripped down slowly staring at Amanda. She hated being around Amanda, it was so hard to get anybody to pay attention to her when she was around. Amanda was everything that a man wanted, slender and pretty. It made her self conscious just to look at her.

Amanda glanced back over her shoulder at Paul who'd swam to the edge of the pool to stare at the two nude women. "Look at him, just like horny dog." Amanda said motioning toward the smiling male. She leaned closer crushing her smallish breasts against Vicki's D-cups and whispering in her ear. "Wanna give him a show?"

"What did you have in mind?" Vicki whispered back running her hand down her friend's side and squeezing her ass.

"I dunno, maybe a kiss or too. Just enough to get the boy's blood pumping. Amanda shot back leaning just a little big closer; they could have kissed if they'd wanted.

"Come here baby, get a front row seat." Vicki rasped in her sexy voice motioning towards lawn chair. Amanda smiled and the two girls pressed up against each other beckoning him closer before turning their attentions back to each other for a kiss. It was done for show so of course there was plenty of tongue wrestling and hands slipping over wet bodies for a decent grasp. Vicki was the first to let loose a moan tilting her head back so Amanda could start kissing and licking along her neck.

"Don't' do that." Vicki whispered as her friend kissed that special spot on her throat that sent shivers up her spine. "Really." It might have sounded like a protest but it was quite the opposite, she didn't want the euphoric feeling to end so soon. She loved it whenever anybody kissed that spot, it made her knees weak and her pussy wet.

"Why not." Amanda responded gently sucking on Vicki's neck, nipping here and there and then inching lower towards her breasts. Vicki turned her head down to watch Amanda moving down over her collar and start licking over her tits. It was amongst the most incredible feeling she'd ever experience until Amanda's lips closed around her nipple.

The look on Paul's face as the two women explored each other was absolutely priceless. His jaw had dropped when their lips had locked and his tongue rolled out as the two women had started pawing at each other's tits. Both women were moaning lustily and occasionally tossing him a wayward glance.

"Anything special you'd like to see baby?" Vicki asked smiling as she stared at David's cock tenting his boxers toward the night sky. He didn't respond, instead he continued to stare dumbly at the two girls as Amanda slipped behind her friend cupping her breasts and still kissing along her throat. She made quite a show of pinching on her friend's pierced D cups, twisting them, mashing them gently in her hands. "Look at that." Vicki whispered over her shoulder.

"What should we do about it?" Amanda whispered back slipping one hand down her Vicki's soft stomach, tracing her naval with a manicured nail. The finger ventured lower to Vicki's smooth shaven pussy gently parting her lips.

Biting down on her lower lip to keep from screaming Vicki moaned and leaned back against Amanda. "I don't know. Maybe suck it, or take turns." She wriggled slightly against Amanda parting her legs just a little for her friend.

"You suck and I can lick his nuts?" Amanda suggested as her fingertip found Vicki's clit.

Vicki's body flexed all at once as a jolt of electricity shot up her spine dragging a silent sigh through her lips. She could barely stand as her friend slipped a single finger into moist hole searching around for that spot. Amanda smiled as Vicki's spine straightened drawing a second moan through her lips. "I think he's feeling a bit left out." Vicki gasped grinding her hips against Amanda's fingers. Paul for his part had one hand over his cock rubbing it through the wet fabric.

"Let's go help him." Amanda suggested releasing Vicki and strutting over to the man. Together with Vicki they each gripped one side of Paul's boxers pulling them down and off. Amanda was the first to wrap her lips around his shaft though bobbing her head up and down over the tip of his cock. Vicki had to settle for kneeling between his legs and lapping at his nuts.

"Oh god." Paul whispered as the two girls started to work on him. He strained his head up for a view of the two girls orally servicing his cock. Amanda had him almost half way down her throat, about as far as she could get without gagging and Vicki was noisily slurping on one of his nuts when he gasped.

"I'll show you how to suck a dick honey." Vicki teased gently pushing her friend aside and wrapping her lips around Paul's shaft. "Watch and learn." She took a deep breath and started slurping hungrily on his cock letting her saliva grease his pole as she inched lower. Amanda and Paul watched as Vicki forced his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. There was a slight pause when he hit her throat followed by a gagging noise but she kept going until her nose pressed up against his stomach.

"Wow." Amanda gasped watching her friend deep throat. She sat there in awe for a moment as Vicki worked her way up and down his cock before turning to kiss him. "I hope you're enjoying this baby."

Paul didn't speak; he just nodded his head up and down gripping at the chair's steel frame as Vicki continued working on him. Amanda straddled his hips inching down towards her friend's face. "Me to." She moaned.

Vicki smiled up at her moving her lips to Amanda's pussy parting her folds and licking at her. Amanda instantly jumped as Vicki's tongue found its way to her clit gently grazing the spot. She reached down tangling her fingers in Vicki's hair as she bucked her hips up. "Hold still honey." Vicki teased slipping a pair of fingers into Amanda's pussy pumping. Her tongue found its way back to the underside of Paul's cock coating it saliva. "Raise up Amanda." Amanda did just that lifting her hips up as Vicki guided Paul's cock into her.

Paul let a pleasured gasp escape his lips as he moved his hands to Amanda's hips guiding her up and down over his shaft. Vicki was only a few inches away from Paul's cock as it split open her best friend's cunt. She could see the juices flowing down over his shaft down to his marinating his balls in Amanda's unique flavor. Vicki's tongue slipped back out to dance out slurping up her girlfriend's juices.

"Up here." Amanda pulled Vicki up mashing her lips to Vicki's. The two girls moaned into the kiss swapping spit and the taste of Amanda's juices. Amanda kept her grip on Vicki's face pulling her even closer as she screamed out her first orgasm of the night into Vicki's mouth.

"Stop!" Vicki gasped putting her hands over Paul's and holding her friend hips steady for a moment. "I want some too." Vicki purred lifting her friend up off Paul and taking her by the hand. She led Amanda to the spa and sat her down at the edge and together the vixens slipped into the heated water. "Come on over Paul; don't tell me you're done already." Vicki leaned over the edge of the Jacuzzi letting her pierced nipples press against the cool concrete as she beckoned him over.

Paul slowly stood up from his spot on the lawn chair still slightly dazed by the two girls nearly fighting over his cock. He just sort of followed the two girls and slid down into the water where Vicki turned and kissed him. "Fuck me." She hissed between heated kisses leaning back over the edge of the spa. Paul slid beneath the hot bubbling water and gripped her hips lining him up with her cunt before sliding in.

Both of them let loose a moan as she pushed her hips back against Paul's cock. Vicki looked back over her shoulder at him pursing her lips as he pushed into her from behind splashing the hot water around her thighs. To her right Amanda had turned back toward Paul wrapping her lips around his nipples and suckling gently.

Vicki moaned as the water continued to slosh around her and his cock stayed buried in her cunt sawing in and out over her clit. It wasn't going to take her long to cum, not with her best friend kissing the man who was fucking her. Her cunt was already starting to clench around his thick shaft as she got closer to her climax. "Harder." She hissed.

In response Paul dug his fingers into her soft hips and started slamming into her again. His cock was pulsing inside her each thrust bringing him closer. "I'm gonna."

"Cum," Vicki finished squeezing her muscles around him and thrusting back harder.

That thrust was all it took for either of them to cum. That final clench of her cooch around his cock had him exploding his hot cum into her well fucked pussy. The feeling of him letting his juices loses deep inside her- It was the feeling of his cum flooding her cunt that pushed her over the edge clawing at the cold concrete as she felt her cunt clenching around his cock. "Oh god cum." Vicki rasped clenching her cunt down around Paul's hard shaft squeezing down until she felt his hot juices spraying her insides. Her fingers scraped over the concrete as her pussy clenched down coating his cock with girl cream. "Don't stop!" She insisted still pumping her hips back against him until the orgasm finally died down.

Paul pulled his cock free of her and sat down in the spa leaning his head back. "Pass me a beer." He held his hand out blindly. Amanda grabbed a beer took a swallow herself and then handed it to him before curling up at his side nibbling at his ear.

"You gonna be ready for another round soon?" Vicki asked cuddling up opposite Amanda. Beneath the water Vicki had one hand on his balls gently rolling them around as Amanda started stroking him back to life.

"We should have pool parties more often." Paul smiled staring up into the starry night

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9/17/2006 11:45 am

oh my ...i only could dream of such a moment in time. beautiful story.Keep up the good work,I will be loking for more for you.

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9/18/2006 1:09 pm

Not bad fiction at all, keep those (creative) juices flowing girl.

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9/25/2006 11:21 pm

Would like to make ur fantasy reality, u can find me at AdultFriendFinder

hope we can setup something let me know

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