Would like some feedback from anyone stopping by  

rm_newcuckoo 39M
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9/9/2006 12:51 am

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9/9/2006 9:58 pm

Would like some feedback from anyone stopping by

Just wondering why most people are here. I know this has been beat to death on the forums I hang out on. It just seems most people if they even message it a one liner or they drop out of existance after a few messages. Any ideas how to draw attention and stand out above the shallow horny guys and the creeps.

Another thing is few profiles say much I know a lot of people are just looking for sex and that's cool but being the way I am I'd be more apt to write if they were more descriptive.

Next is what do people prefer one night stands and not really knowing the person or what I call connective sex where you get to know and care about each other to a certain extent. I prefer at least to know we are mutually trying to please each other.

End of rant

hotandhorny107 59F

9/9/2006 1:39 am

I usually respond to mail that is written with some thought behind it. I get plenty of mail that is often one or two lines, basically saying that they want to f+ck me or play with my tits. Well that is fine, but lets show some respect here. I know that I am here to meet people and perhaps get intimate, but I don't sleep with everyone I meet. And first impressions mean a whole lot no matter what this site is about.

Vague profiles are a sure sign that all the writer is hiding something. Like the guy that "prefers not to say" in the marital status. Duh... in other words he is married and thinks I won't figure that one out. I may be blonde, but good lord I am not stupid.

And yes, it is better to get to know someone before sleeping with him. The sex is better when one has a connection of some kind, more than a casual encounter but not serious either.

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