What men want  

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2/17/2005 10:39 am

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What men want

Here is my first blog...I'd like to come clean. I have incredible sexual urges. Nothing crazy or dangerous...just intense.

I'm not sure if I am a dog (well yes I am a dog) but I am always looking a females and seeing what makes them beautiful to me.

I might not always be attracted to them, but I can always find a feature about them that is down right sexy. It can be anything, for example I was at dinner with a friend and our waitress was on the heavy side, and men typically comment on how a woman looks, good or bad.

Even though she was heavy she had amazing eyes and hands. Her eyes were sharp and deep blue, and her hands were soft and creamy looking. To me she was sexy.

Anyway...I believe that women are the most beautiful creatures on this earth, and there is something sexy in each one of them.

I believe that this feeling that I have toward women worked in my favor. I used to be intimidated by their beauty when having sex. I was always concerned about pleasing them, and delivering the sexual satisfaction that such a beautiful person needed. Because of that I consider myself a great lover, and great in bed.

Lastly, this is no BS, but how I really feel. If anyone wants to prove me wrong I'll accept the criticism. I believe that as long as I can keep finding sexy women I will always have these urges to have sex with them.

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