True story ladies...and guys  

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2/22/2005 9:56 am

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True story ladies...and guys

I'n not sure how normal "wet" dreams are, but I'd never had one...or one where I actually ended up wet. Read this story, and know that it is 100% true.

I saw a woman in a sexy outfit at the Best bar on earth (Top of the twins towers ‒ Manhattan, NY) and she catches my undressing her with my eyes (I am good at that). I can see her toes are freshly manicured.

She notices me and discretely positions herself so I can see more. She shifts her body slightly to invite my eye. I walk over to her and start a conversation. We talk and decide that we'd like to talk more in a private setting. We hail a cab, and go to my hotel. We hold hands in the car, but don’t say much…(I get car queasy in NYC taxis ‒ you’ll know once you ride in one).

At my place, again I undress her with my eyes as we greet, hug and kiss. I offer her something to drink and we sit and make idle nervous conversation.

I extend my hand to her thigh and pull her legs to my lap. I remove her shoe to reveal her toe, and slowly massage her as we talk. She begins to lose her train of thought, and her breath begins to flutter. She asks me if I'd like to lay down and we do.

On the bed we do more caressing and kissing, she has some lotion that she'd like me to put on her body. She tells me this as she takes off her clothes, so I apply the lotion liberally (In my mind I am thinking that I’m gonna get lucky…she is gorgeous. Tall, thin, blonde with a brain…wow).

As I am applying the lotion to her back I slowly remove her panties and caress her bottom. She shifts to reveal her pussy, and I slowly kiss and caress her...she begins to shudder and grabs my penis through my pants.

She is face down and I massage her entire body periodically, but focus between her legs. I continue to lick and caress her until a full orgasm. It wasn’t violent, but amazing to see. She moaned, churned and twisted her body, all the while with a firm grip on my dick.

She turns over kisses me and slowly falls to sleep.

No lie - That happened to me with a hot blonde bombshell. I went home that night, and had my first real wet dream, I mean when I woke up my boxers were covered in cum...that was the first time and hasn't happened since.

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