Gasping for air  

rm_newbee9090 42M
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6/1/2005 6:53 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Gasping for air

At some point it became apparent that there is a difference between a strong sex drive and the lust of new love. New love grew stale; a partner's newly-discovered drive has slowed; and my own drive remains. Frustration reigns.

So, now a web site presents itself, this AdultFriendFinder thing. The possibility of finding... something... satisfaction perhaps?

Barbiebunny69 44F

6/1/2005 10:00 pm

welcome to blogland!

hottmistress 47F
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6/1/2005 10:22 pm

Yeah...doesn't it just SUCK?
But I thank my lucky heavens that men like you exist, for you are the ones that are still fuckable even after the flames have died down.

There are so many more ways to skin a cat

hottmistress 47F
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6/1/2005 10:28 pm

by the way - "deus ex connubium" - que signifie-t-il ?

CuteAZguy27 40M
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6/2/2005 5:54 am

"deus ex connubium" - que signifie-t-il ? What is that hottmistress -french ? welcome to AdultFriendFinder ...satisfaction has so many terms these days...a few experiences that i really enjoyed since being here, and some i just...dont....want to talk about right now lol....enjoy !

rm_newbee9090 42M
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6/2/2005 7:59 pm

Just to make sure it's clear...
"Deus ex connubium" very loosely translated from Latin to English, is
"God out of a sexual union".

There may be some Latin Scholars (capital letters there, because they are Important don't ya know) that will say I'm mangling a language, I'm sure.

"Deus ex machina" - "God from the machine" is a common phrase, and is also a literary device, meaning that the characters in a story are in a bind, and a solution to all of their problems magically appears from the nowhere.

I took this common phrase and put my own sordid twist on it; "connubium" meaning "sexual union" in Latin.

Damn I talk to much when I write...

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