Finding your Friends Online  

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3/14/2005 5:01 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Finding your Friends Online

Okay you have started sending out network invites for people that may want to have some fun with you and you start getting some accepts back but with no email to introduce themselves. So I send a little thank you not for joining and I still find self with an empty mail box. Not hello, not goto hell just silence. I'd rather have a got to hell instead of a empty box. At least I know where you stand.

Okay you decide to try to break the ice with some of them if they have a clean profile you just some nice questions and maybe some of what your day was like. If they have some racey pictre you get a little bolder and tell them ask them what they like todo with that sexy body that there showing or you yell them how much you want to taste that honey pot there showing.

Okay you get a responce finally they give you an IM address you see them online and talk for a while. you th ink great this persons jioned my network and were actually communicating then it stops no warning no go, to hell no your a perv leave me alone just silence. You see your network friends are getting online so you know their there checking their mail and seeing whos online. But don't reply to your email or answer your IM ring so what gives? Why don't you post a reply an give an answer to this Ladies.

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