Whats up with the Photo's??  

rm_nemo732 56M
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3/15/2006 7:39 pm
Whats up with the Photo's??

Have you ever noticed the photos on AdultFriendFinder and peoples attitudes about them. Theres all kinds of photos from really bad face shots to professional nudes. After a while you can really tell the truley single people. They are the ones with the photo via mirror shots. Or, better yet, the nude erotic photo taken by themself.

Not that I'm complaining, hey photos are cool. You do have to be somewhat photogenic, which I'm not. Some folks only want to look at the photos. If thats your thing, cool.

Then theres the attitudes about photos and the unspoken rules that apply to them. For instance, if your a woman, you can just about get away with any photo. After all, the purpose of a photo is to get attention, right. So you see them all, some you probably would rather not see. But, if your a man, please refrain form showing you penis! Over and over again I read posts and profiles from th ladies that state - No Dick Pic's. Yet the guys insist on posting those pics. Hey, whatever. You don't want to see my photo of Mr. Happy, fine, no problem. I really would rather save him for later anyway.

Now I'm no prud, I like to be nude. I really have a great time exploring all of the natural hotsprings in California - most of which are "Clothing Optional".

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