The Coffee Date  

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4/6/2006 11:08 pm

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The Coffee Date

Well, ya know, some of us haven't been dating in awhile. Like the past 12 years. So I sort having to relearn how, ya know. So, I met this nice lady and she said, "lets have a coffee date". My first thought was, what the hell is a coffee date? Apparently, these day's, the lastest in dating is meeting someone at a local coffee shop (preferably on neutral ground) and have a cup of coffee while you decide if you want to actually go on a more traditional date. You know, dinner, movie, drinks...
So, I said sure, why not. But I have to pick up my son at 11, is that O.K. Lesson number 2, which I did not know, is always give yourself an easy out or excuse to leave. I really had to pick up my boy at 11.
So we met and had coffee, and it was cool. About a half hour after she says "do you really have to pick up your son?" Dumb old me said, "well yes I have he almost every weekend, what did you think?" So she told me about rule number 2. Then she said "you really haven't dated in awhile have you?" I told her no, I've been married!

I guess my coffee date went O.K. We are having dinner next friday!

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