Capitol Airshow AAR  

rm_nemo732 56M
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3/20/2006 10:16 pm
Capitol Airshow AAR

So, I got to "work" the Capitol City Airshow this past weekend. I say "work" because if you think standing around all day next to two of your favorite flying machines and talking to people who pay for them, and your salary, iswork, well come on! It was awesome. And not just because I got to work the show, but because I got to have my son with me at the air show all weekend. Now how cool is that? Such a great kid. He knows as much about my flyin machin as I do lol! I know he was the only kid at the show who got to watch the Blue Angles fly from on top of a Huey. Both days ! I guess having your old man in the Army ain't such a bad deal after all.
He really is a great kid, smart, funny, and more mature then either his mother or father at this point. Mom's working on boyfriend #2. Dads not even seeing anyone. He is a very understanding young man.
So I got to show off what your tax payer dollers are paying for. Meet a bunch of people who really do support and understand thier soldiers. And watch some of the worlds best pilots do amazing things with flying machines. All with my son.
Tonight, Nemo's world is not so bad or such a dark place. Thank you Daniel, I love you too.

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