time to kill  

rm_needsmoreluv 53M
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6/22/2006 9:14 am
time to kill

I'm not contemplating murder, just bored.
The problem about being bored is that just when u wish something would happen it's usually a bad something.
I think I'll pop in "Braveheart" tonight, love that movie. I watched it the first time because I have scottish heritage and had heard that it was faithful to fact. My Grandmother said that my one of my ancestors was the leader of the clan during the rebellion that finally won scotlands independence. she said that at one point he was locked in combat with his english counterpart and they basically had their swords stuck in each other, so rather than pull out the sword he used the stalemate to get in close and bit the english colonel on the neck until he bled to death. That's why we are known as the fiercest of fierce. Don't know if it's true but very cool story.
funny how i no longer feel bored

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